Q&A: CNET & LA Times stating ms Bing taking 30% of all USA searches?

Question by : CNET & LA Times stating ms Bing taking 30% of all USA searches?
CNET & LA Times stating ms Bing taking 30% of al usa searches?
I smell dishonesty.


People simply aren’t talking about or using Microsoft Bing period.

I personally see no reason to switch to Bing.

The CNET and LA Times stating that Bing just took 30% of all USA searches.

The statcounter also says Google still has 80% of all searches in USA.


What on earth is going on here?

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Answer by Carling
The truth is Microsoft is loosing all round and have been for many years because of all the insecurities in Microsoft’s software, Firefox 4 web browser as taken the lead world wide over Internet Explorer 8/9.

Windows is being dropped by businesses world wide, Governments are moving from windows to Linux, All Brazil’s education department have dropped windows, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany have dropped windows, Yet Microsoft’s fan Media CNET & LA Times and others still maintain that windows runs 90 percent of the worlds computers which is not true. Americans accept what they are told by the media,

if you do your research you will find that MS are hurting badly from Linux Free Open Source Software

read this report
Brazil schools get 357,000 virtualised Linux desktops


About Linux


Firefox Overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe


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