Q&A: Are you believe that keyword judgment is the most important factor on a Successful SEO work?

Question by : Are you believe that keyword judgment is the most important factor on a Successful SEO work?

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Answer by Steve
Yes ,Nobody can deny the fact that the entire world of World Wide Web is just based on some keywords. Even while people want to search about some information they just certain keyword related with their query and enter in the webs server and the server based on such keywords provide them the lost if websites that can be useful for the search. People search just by some keywords so it is very clear that the keywords are the important factors as far as the various services are concerned related with SEO services. I think www.aslogtech.com is among the best service provider as far as the SEO services in India is concerned and this post is brought by the expert team of this site just to enhance your knowledge.

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  1. responder5 says:

    If your website goal or objective is to get relevant users then yes it is :)
    Businesses aim to make revenue through leads, sales and to get that conversion or sale you need to present your product/service/website to the potential users. To determine who your potential customers and what might be they using to find similar product/service like yours’, you gotta do research. When you get to the point where you have the possible list of keywords that a potential customer use to search online to find products similar to what you sell, you have to shortlist of pick the optimistic key phrases which you can target your seo/sem task. When you optimise your website for these chosen key phrases and use them in your off-page promotion then you will be able to generate traffic that is relevant to the product and you will have high possible conversion as the traffic you get is relevant and mostly interested in your product.

    So this means, to be successful in your online business you have to choose the right key phrases for your promotion.

    In simple, you have apples to sell but target oranges key phrase for your promotion then you will see no or very poor sales.

  2. Prodo Digital says:


    People use search engines to find the product or service they are looking for. They usually do this by searching for the most common form of keyword for that product or service.

    A thorough analysis of your business and your target market is necessary in order to identify and pick the most effective keywords for that business.

    Usually, unless you have plenty of time and SEO ‘know how’ it’s not a good idea to go with the highly popular and competitive keywords. You need to find niche keywords that are less popular but give your site the best chance of gaining a top ten search engine ranking whilst still delivering good volumes of targeted traffic.

    It would be a good move to choose longer tail keywords (2 or 3 words key phrases). This is because the more specific keywords can generate a higher rank on search engines.

    For example, if you provide SEO services it would be unwise to target ‘SEO’ as your main keyword, as this is a very competitive and difficult keyword to reach the top ten with. You would be much better off thinking about targeting the local area for the same service. So, a better choice would be ‘SEO services in Chester’ for example. This is what we would call a longer tail keyword that has a good volume of targeted traffic and would be much easier to gain a top ten ranking for.

    So in answer to your question, Keyword selection is THE most important factor for a successful SEO campaign. Correct selection can mean the difference in failure and success of your campaign.

    Hope this helps…

  3. Jamal says:


    SEO == Keyword

    SEO came into picture only because of keywords. Users are not aware about names of all company. Also tons of thousands of companies are registering online instantly. So it is better to search in terms of “product” or “service”. This is the easiest strategy for every user. So keywords play an important role for business success. So undoubtedly we can conclude that keywords are the nucleus of SEO/Online business factor.

    So choosing a right keyword is really a vital decision to become successful in online business or any site promotion.

  4. Nick Capehorn says:

    Yes and no – it depends on what you’re classifying as successful. Clearly in terms of driving quality traffic, keywords are hugely important.

    Choose the wrong ones and you will either be getting poor quality traffic that will hit your site, realise it’s not providing them with the answers they sought, then leave, or, worse still, you’ll get no traffic.

    With that in mind, keyword selection is vital to ensure you are targeting relevant phrases that will deliver decent levels of quality traffic – it’s far better to have 1,000 monthly visitors who all want to be on your site than 100,000 who don’t.

    The other important aspect to keyword selection is choosing terms that aren’t too competitive unless you have the resources to ensure high positions. Typically, these more competitive phrases tend to be one or two words long. Longer terms, with three plus words, are called long tail phrases, and are more attractive targets for several reasons:

    1) They generally have less competition, and so are easier to achieve higher rankings

    2) Single word keyphrases can be too generic. For example, ‘hotels’ might be returning several million search results each month, but if you have a small hotel in a cosy countryside town, the chances of ranking are slim, and the chances that the person conducting the search is looking for you are slimmer.

    3) As a follow on from this, most searchers use three or four-word phrases when searching, for the simple reason that the lower the competition, the better chance they have of finding the answer they are looking for.

    So those are the reasons why keyword selection is vital. However, it is probably more accurate to say it’s vital to the planning stages rather than the actual optimisation stage – your rankings won’t be decided by the keywords you choose (apart from how competitive that phrase is), but will be governed on how many links you build up, how well you optimise your on page content and so on.

    Keyword selection is vital in laying solid foundations – but once that’s done there are many, many other factors that become important.

  5. designbysoap.co.uk says:

    Defintely. If you’re aiming your SEO campaign at a search term with no search volume, there is no point. The point of SEO is to capture a market that is searching for your product/service.


  6. Kora1490 says:

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