Q&A: • Would this work, for a generic, sempiternal, almost Collins-like, project clone ?

Question by paladin: • Would this work, for a generic, sempiternal, almost Collins-like, project clone ?
•We started with the hope and now we are at that crossroad today in which we are equipped with the greatest technological advantages of all time, and still risk whatever we have built over the decades. Regular shift in out technological approach from manual to the automated system, standalone to unified database, traditional software technology to open source technologies, static to dynamic website applications development, in-house development to offshore outsourcing business solutions, and still being economical, advancement in the technologies and infrastructure, equipment, search engine optimization, internet marketing and the rapid increase in the size of the market. Hence, with the ever changing technology and environment it has been not easy to deliver “The Best” and a threat of being obsolete remains.

Therfore, the best solution to capture the road to global business marketing is by outsourcing your services to the countries like India who are enriched by rich resources offering cheap, best, reliable and effective business solutions to all its investors this quality has made India the no. one contender for International centre of IT outsourcing increase in the number of investors has lead India to deliver best solutions. Due to the expertise in the field, market research of the company is done in such a way that leads to the best solutions ever which is a must for any company who wants to survive in the tooth to tooth competition. For decades, companies have been using outsourcing strategies but offshore outsourcing penetrated the IT world when companies found difficult to bear high development cost of local providers.

These services includes offshore services, production, outsourcing business solutions, application services, network outsourcing services and outsourcing software development services. This practice leverages the guaranteed quality services and the cost efficiency of the IT know-how and expertise in their respective fields with service levels metrics combined to the key performance indicators. They are more sustainable, and these solutions can now easily address complex business problems.

Cost efficiency being one thing and what else made offshore software development outsourcing services to be the global market leader? Online research states that improved access to IT skills and resources and reduction in its investment are the basics for profit making that leaded India as the most preferable destination for outsourcing. No doubt, continuous improvement in technology, future planning and better forecasting are the other main reasons for that fast growth. Offshore software development is one of the fastest growing organization but to output the best product these 6 things are of utmost importance

-Understanding The User’s Needs.
-Reasonable Expectations.
-Estimation of the Size of the Project.
-Shared Vision with the Developer
-Full proof Planning Stages
-Regular & full proofed testing

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