please read the below article and tell me the quality of english 1. very bad 2. ok 3. good?

Question by neo: please read the below article and tell me the quality of english 1. very bad 2. ok 3. good?
How to use Internet Marketing.

In todays competitve world where there is no time even to read a newspaper completely, all at one stop seems to be the solution.
People just want to pose the problem and ‘kablam’- the answer. This can be achieved only through a media where solutions meet at one place – Internet. Since Internet seems to be the most preferred search answer domain, it is inevitable for industries to reach their hands in there too.

So how to use Internet Marketing? Simple, people type in their queries in Google and the search engine brings in all results containing the keywords. Hence the basic practical point is to create a website for the central product.
Secondly, social networking sites are the new-ins. So…? Create groups connect with people and post the advertisement. Not only will Google match the keywords, people will explore all horizons to the posted material.

Also SMTP can be used to send e-mail to multiple recipients. Hence send e-mail with attractive subject lines which catch eyes.
Professional link building tool can also be used so that the product get displayed in searches related to publics query

Also video is something which people are interested in seeing. Hence start with something spicy and then start advertising the product. The start should be like comedy for example so that people dont lose interest and may also rate the video which in turn would attract other people to watch them. Social sites like Facebook, Orkut etc have video library facility. Hence post them in your account. This would help other people related to you (friends) see the updates.

Also you can go to sites which have blogs and questions answered. E.g., yahooanswers, wiki snwers etc are where people pose question. Post suitable interesting answers and give hyperlink to the catchy words to the product to be marketed. Hence when the individual clicks the link he is directed to product advertisement.

Get yourselves registered to sms sites which provide free sms services. Write short and sweet advertisement for the product and send them as sms’s to the recepients. Dont forget to give contact id.

All these takes a little bit of hard work and research but the work does pay off.
Dont loose hope, carefully seleect your audience and impress them with the promises the product has.

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2 Responses to “please read the below article and tell me the quality of english 1. very bad 2. ok 3. good?”

  1. Rayven56 says:

    I’m sorry, but am going to have to go with 1+…not VERY bad, but far from OK. Would be better if just the spelling and punctuation errors were fixed, but it rambles back and forth between tech-speak and stuff so elementary that it appears disjointed…all the while sounding all too casual and colloquial for what I’m presuming is a professional article…like a bad translation, to be perfectly honest!

  2. Susan says:

    It needs a lot of work on it. You could ask us to do that, if you like.

    Meantime, to answer your question, it’s not VERY bad, but it’s not ok. I’ve seen worse, but it isn’t an acceptable standard.