Part 1 — Internet Marketing With, Facebook, Ezine Marketing, Solo Ads & More Pick Up Your Free Marketing Starter Kit. In early 2009 I secretly recorded Mark Anastasi speaking at his Secret Traffic Seminar (No one else has this recording! Guaranteed!). The attendees paid thousands to be there but I’m sharing this secret 3 hour traffic presentation from the seminar with you for free. Mark outlined the social networking and web 2.0 strategies that he personally uses to drive tons of traffic to build his list and make more sales. He covered dozens of topics including, but not limited to, internet marketing, creating a sales funnel, search engine optimization (seo), myspace, youtube, squidoo, email marketing, wordpress, rss feeds, openx ad server, affiliate marketing, blogs, getting more traffic to your sites, social profile pages, social networking, social media, and more!

4 Responses to “Part 1 — Internet Marketing With, Facebook, Ezine Marketing, Solo Ads & More”

  1. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hi TrafficGenExpert

    I have just been watching your video and I must admit it really is very good.

    I really enjoyed watching it.

    Already looking forward to more of the same in the future.

    Cheers to your success.

    Mark McCulloch

  2. Marcelene501 says:

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  3. Billie1903 says:

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  4. Anastasia502 says:

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