Need help in site search for – a website of contemporary paintings from India.?

Question by arunbeena: Need help in site search for – a website of contemporary paintings from India.?
Prabha Shah is an accomplished artist from India – she happens to be deaf since birth. Because of her handicap, she is not good at marketing and is finding it difficult to get her website noticed by search engines and will appreciate any help.

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Answer by Binu
Use search engines like Yahoo or google. Type prabhashah on yahoo search field…
Have a good time. Please let me know in case it does’nt work.

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  1. dwightl.geo says:

    ◙ If she can afford a professional website promoter she should do that. They know all of the tricks of the trade.

    ◙ They will get her many many visitors to her site. If she can’t afford it you can do it free but will get a lot less visitors.


    ◙ You need to submit your site to many search engines. Search engines will not accept your site if it is listed on free-for-all list sites. They will not accept it if it is a newbie site that is about them only. Think of a subject and write about it. It can take 2 weeks to 6 months or more before they list you. Even if they do accept your site you’ll need to check your listing occasionally to make certain it is still listed. If a site gets no traffic or isn’t updated regularly they will delte your listing. If you are a serious webmaster you will need to read about site optimisation at Another great site is Search engine submission tips (lots of info)

    ◙ You’ll find about 400 search engines here.

    ◙ There are web sites that claim to submit your site to hundreds of search engines at once. The only one I recommend is The other search engines use this directory to supplement their own directories. Youdd it to google here

    ◙ If you have a Geocities home page list it in Geocities Homepage Directory You’ll find help for that here

  2. Victor752 says:

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