Microsoft V.S. Google, Which Company is better?

Question by Tom S: Microsoft V.S. Google, Which Company is better?
Hello everyone, past the known facts that google has an awesome search engine, gmail, maps and other online accessories, can it take over microsoft which is 85 billion dollars bigger, has 25 billion in cash and is extremely more diversified?

I am on the side for Microsoft. In under 2 years they already have 11% of the searching market through Bing, that’s alot considering google has 60% and thats mostly their entire company.

Microsoft also pays dividends, is extremely more diversified and is worth more. The p/e of google is 40x, and the p/e of microsoft is 20x. that means that every dollar you put into msft is worth 50% more than google because you are paying half as much for the shares which is more stable.

Microsoft has a much more diversified company and I belive that with all the computer companies and microsfot itself, google is going to have an extremely hard time competing with such a structured, liquid, flexible and powerful company such as microsoft.

Yahoo, Ask, Apple, Hp, Dell and others will not just bow down to google taking over the computer industry, they will fight back.

Some people say Bill gates can just walk away and take his 50 billion with him, although the google owners can do the same. The main 2 owners of google have close to 50 billion so it willl have the same effect if they ever left.

I am obviously on the side of microsoft and I have many more arguments supporting this, what is your take?

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Answer by capwest5a
Microsoft hands down.

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