Ma Long-Jun Mizutani (Harmony China Open 2011 Semifinal)

Watch the full match at This video is the property of Total Sports Asia on behalf of the ITTF ======= – Become a Fan! – Follow! ======= Table Tennis: Harmony China Open 2011, Suzhou, Sun 28th August 2011, Semifinal Men’s singles: Ma Long (CHN) – Jun Mizutani (JPN) ======= If you like my videos subscribe and make sure to become a fan on facebook and follow on twitter to get the latest updates.
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31 Responses to “Ma Long-Jun Mizutani (Harmony China Open 2011 Semifinal)”

  1. EdMajinLee199999 says:

    Mizutani has made immense improvements in his game in recent years.

  2. EdMajinLee199999 says:

    Mizutani has made immense improvements in his game in recent years.

  3. ttmakotaikenn says:


  4. Billy5093 says:

    Ma Long has changed his blade and his forehand rubber,watch 1:18

  5. nguyenmintri090495 says:

    unbelievable -ma long :)

  6. magerapstar says:

    what do you have to do to finish ma long off?! hes ridiculous

  7. Kenli0327 says:

    Mizutani Jun has a long way to go

  8. scylla24 says:

    Ma Long’s offense has always been top notch, but in the points that were shown in this match, I think it showed that Ma Long has really improved his defense also, extending points and giving himself opportunities to get back into a point and return to offense.

  9. scylla24 says:

    @dgiffy yeah thats definitely true. But then again, no one’s style is more punishing than Ma Lin’s in my opinion. His style puts a lot of stress on the body, and yet he still is performing well into his thirties when most table tennis players in China end they careers anyway, so it hopefully won’t be a big problem for Ma Long.

  10. rcmontecalvo says:

    ma long mizutani matches are always awesome

  11. keromesinclair says:

    ma long is my favourite table tennis player. love seeing his strokes & attacks, especially his back-hand flip & fore-hand shots.

  12. TERMINATORxxxXXXxxx says:

    do you know if ma lin can still play for china in the men´s singles next year?

  13. chardogthethug says:

    @perniciousnc also keep in mind.. timo’s 30, jun is 22. He does have alot more years left in the tank then timo does. i can see him being better than timo when he’s 30

  14. chardogthethug says:

    mizutani actually tried to stay close to the table this match.. but alas. ma long was way too powerful for jun…

  15. dgiffy says:

    I love ma long. I love his dominating, super aggressive play style, and his form is top notch. However, i feel that his play style puts a lot more stress on his body than the stress most other players feel. Its kinda like watching Rafael Nadal play tennis. His forehand is amazing, generating uber topspin, but its gotta be putting massive strain on his body. But all in all, I love watching them both do what they do. And that’s kicking ass and taking names. Haha.

  16. perniciousnc says:

    looking at how ma long plays mizuntani, which is of a similar style to timo, except timo does more close table blocking then counterlooping currently. ma long can probably win against timo consistently no problem.

    i actually think mizutani probably has improved more than timo did. except mizutani wasn’t as celebrated in china and wouldn’t give as much psychological pressure.

    thanks for sharing

  17. gufbs says:

    What equipment is Ma Long using in this game? :D

  18. DimaKats2 says:

    Just because ttprovider shows the best moments, doesn’t mean that Jun Mizutani played well. I saw the match online at ittf com/ittv and Mizutani was playing very good generally, he gain only 1 set, well Ma long is not just a player, is the player but he could do better by my opinion, nevertheless I like Mizutani

  19. vinnen6 says:

    One of Mizutani’s best matches i’ve seen so far.

  20. SanJyuuKyuu says:

    Great match !

  21. maxk880 says:

    @flosnowxj9 actually that match is already played go to ittf dot com slash ittv and youll see who won!

  22. danmaaa says:

    Amazing game by ma long

  23. teo1000t says:

    Do they play at night this match?

  24. flosnowxj9 says:

    @spifo Ma and Zhang won their semifinals, so you will surely see a match between them.

  25. DKPOWA says:

    Ma Long is a little slower than his usual top shape, it seems his excessive physical performances are paying their toll…

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