M-Sphere Waithing All The Time

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musica foda do SM ..

21 Responses to “M-Sphere Waithing All The Time”

  1. hardsoftable says:

    outside looking inside (@_@)

  2. elFlamingoTV says:

    @hooligan0688 hey dude. search for his homepage m-sphere dot info. He ´s working on a new Album, which will be released pretty soon.

  3. duarius says:


  4. Razlorus says:

    Sorry =(

  5. muzeitgeist says:

    You jinxed it! Haha nah. I miss M-Sphere

  6. Razlorus says:

    first vid I’ve seen with 0 thumbs down awesome song =D

  7. leoranger99 says:

    I want more of this!

  8. Xav0013 says:

    Full trip!

  9. hooligan0688 says:

    well i can’t fin m sphere anywhere at the internet only a few song from him here on youtube

  10. hqpower says:

    That BEAT is so fr***in smoooth – just love it! =))
    Helped me through another day – thnx a million!

  11. halucinogenik says:

    5/5 the best

  12. LooCASH83 says:


  13. 0bananaskin0 says:

    Thanks for this!

  14. Haupethic says:

    trippin already G_G

  15. khurramrulz says:


  16. ProgressiveM3DIA says:

    amazing beat…. thanks

  17. ExNihiloJimmy says:

    this is quite good

  18. uncomentario says:

    ohhh, dios!! que bella canción!! thanks!!

  19. AvshalomTube says:

    Love it:)

  20. 265Anny says:

    Por isso adeus
    Não quero nada com você
    Ficou difícil
    Tudo aquilo, nada disso
    Sobrou meu velho vício de sonhar
    Pular de precipício em precipício
    Ossos do ofício
    Pagar pra ver o invisível
    E depois enxergar

  21. Aleenah878 says:

    Of your collection of two evils, We find the one I have never ever tried out prior to.