Lil Jon and Laidback Luke EDC 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Los Angeles

(Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon – Turbulence LIVE) SEO Los Angeles Marketing and Production
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Responses to “Lil Jon and Laidback Luke EDC 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Los Angeles”

  1. syneobeat says:

    @Richard078 Never heard of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida that has been going on for 13 years? It’s amazing!

  2. JRHUNTER2006 says:


    iono dude. This shit got banned from Los Angeles for being too cracking…Now its in Vegas…thus I don’t believe you.

  3. linndaax says:

    what’s the second song called? that : ‘right hand, left hand’ ? :)

  4. mark1313131313 says:

    @TheHouseman3 money talks …

  5. HammyProductions says:

    Didn’t do anything for me…

  6. 3o5Miami says:

    Ultrafest blew this thing out the water, hats off to lil john and LL

  7. TheTeamWashington says:

    lil john to legit to quite

  8. ProjectBassMan218 says:

    Why would ppl talk shit on Lil John he had that shit going to another level! He had me amped af for the beat drops lol

  9. SiikPros says:

    gotta admit those flamethrowers were damn hot :P i wonder how hot it was on the stage :O

  10. Richard078 says:

    Did not know the usa had this! Big tumbs up guys keep on the great parties, when ur in amsterdam give a call we will have a techno party together!!

  11. DrkZeroZX says:

    I know a couple people who hopped the fence. lol
    You’re on as fuck you don’t give a fuck!

  12. janineh1988 says:

    lil john really has that energy to get everyone excited! i fucking love himn!

  13. ShY1CAS says:

    shy caS…….

  14. DaSoundOfEllie says:

    Lil Jon FTW

  15. malvolent says:


    not hating on lil jon he was dope i was there in the front but he didnt save the rave lol they wouldn’t shut it down out of fear of a riot. it’s LA and LA gets down crazy when u shut things down they didnt want deaths from the mob at that point of capacity u cant control it with a whole police force.

  16. JackGnarly says:

    Amazing. X-)

  17. hcpalpha says:

    lil jon is a hype man southern crunk dj, His job is to help hype up the song. STOP hating is bad!

  18. perryscoon says:

    rappers doing house music now? hmmm not sure what i think about that.

  19. eflux562 says:


  20. whitepothead says:

    I’m glad Osama Bin Laden is dead! Now i can comfortably go to EDC vegas

  21. MrJeanCuleTaMere says:

    @prahlaine in the middle?

  22. prahlaine says:

    @MrJeanCuleTaMere aroudn 180,000

  23. MrJeanCuleTaMere says:

    how many poeple were there ? :O o.O

  24. taylormade11100 says:

    @dzguy1000 What the hell lil jon makes this song that much better

  25. 909beats says:

    @RawDawG707 True, but his place in electronic dance music will always be in poppy bullshit and his voice will take you out of whatever trance you are under at the time.

  26. Pichle1457 says:

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