KOUNTDOWN 90 [August 2011 Week 4]

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31 Responses to “KOUNTDOWN 90 [August 2011 Week 4]”

  1. tifa66205 says:

    Super Junior!!!!

  2. MsDongra says:

    Suju the best ever and ever,SJ FIGHTING!!

  3. MiniSweet4 says:


  4. ukissalki says:


  5. iampongky2 says:

    @razorboy123456789 it will air tonight! :)

  6. razorboy123456789 says:

    if the new season is next week then it should start now…

  7. twistedJenny says:

    Heart for 2, I remember and Bad Girl, I Really like these songs (^_^)v

  8. lunacullen100 says:

    2ne1 ♥♥♥♥

  9. Kathe01leo says:

    TEEN TOP, G.NA, HyunA & INFINITE<3 <3 <3

  10. Duangdow1 says:

    @YooJaeJoon Totally AGREEEEE!!!!

  11. Duangdow1 says:

    @Kuiskaava Hope will be no.1 next week :) … Cheers to Yoseob and Bang Yong Guk

  12. jessiecyl says:


  13. apatheticpsycho04 says:


  14. SNSDFrance says:

    @iampongky2 Can’t wait !

  15. iampongky2 says:

    @jiyur thanks suzy!

  16. iampongky2 says:

    @KangKyuWon9 you’re welcome!

  17. iampongky2 says:

    @brokfan4eva brand new season next week!

  18. iampongky2 says:

    @xxMoonDestinyxx thanks! :)

  19. HyukJaeWong says:

    oh yea….. suju is up agn

  20. YooJaeJoon says:

    I feel like I remember by Bang yong guk/yoseob should be higher :P but thats just me!

  21. xxMoonDestinyxx says:

    bang yong gook and yoseob together are awesome, i love this song so much. in my opinion it could be even higher… but well i just love this song ^^ nice countdown like always

  22. crackwhore666 says:

    and Seo In Guk, 2NE1 and Infinite.

  23. crackwhore666 says:

    and Sunny Hill!

  24. crackwhore666 says:

    Oh i do love Leessang. <3

  25. 4Nnanan says:

    Top Girl!

  26. S8leen8oo4o says:

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  27. Mehak6 says:

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  29. Candida1285 says:

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