Is THIS the END for Yahoo! as we know it!?? RIP YAHOO (sniff)?

Question by Elwheat: Is THIS the END for Yahoo! as we know it!?? RIP YAHOO (sniff)?
Microsoft is offerein 44.6 billion DOLLARS (US) and change, PLUS stock to buy out YAHOO!, umm why to get of competion.
Read on.. Microsoft Corp. has pounced on slumping Internet icon Yahoo Inc. with an unsolicited takeover offer of $ 44.6 billion in its boldest bid yet to challenge Google Inc.’s dominance of the lucrative online search and advertising markets. Well, THANK YOU (ahead of time) Mr. Gates for screwing this Search Engine up (It’ll be a peice of crap like MSN.. slow searches, bad results, I always have guessed that Microsoft filtered out any competion because the results from Yahoo and MSN are VERY different) The what about out Yahoo! mail accounts??? They will be slow and awkard and not the most user friendly… just like Hotmail after Microsoft bought them out.*&^%#$ ^!! So where to next? Nothing that money can not get rid of if they don’t want you around I guess. Goodbye Yahoo! It’s been great sorry your about to be ground up in the Giant Microsoft Planet Killing Machine.

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Answer by abbysangel
I hope they don’t rid of Yahoo. It’s all I have ever known. Boo Hoo

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9 Responses to “Is THIS the END for Yahoo! as we know it!?? RIP YAHOO (sniff)?”

  1. Mrs. Gerard Way says:

    what on earth are you talking about?

  2. bobcat 007 says:

    I hope so

  3. ladytodlez says:

    couldnt care any less they banned ma other 3 accounts for saying crap?

    and my m8 reported me on purpose for no reason and still aint got ma user bak dat betch anyways


  4. fergieferg189 says:

    Now i’m pissed! This is the only thing i really look forward to! I hope that Yahoo! doesn’t sell this and everything. Now i won’t answer questions or have an email address! PLEASE YAHOO! DON’T SELL OR GET RID OF THIS SITE!!!!!

  5. y0ooy0oo says:

    Microsoft rules, they won’t ruin Yahoo. Not that it isn’t already kinda downhill.

  6. giftfromgod says:

    I was just thinking, 44 billion is good. Charge them 100 billion, pocket the money and start another website (yoohoo! or yeeha!) with out all the bad stuff of Yahoo (the endless waiting for attachments to upload — Lordy) Badda bing badda boom — you’re on top again.

  7. Alan W says:

    We will have to switch to Google! I hate Microsquash, they buy up companies and ruin them. Maybe if they spent more time on their core business we’d all have an easier time using it. My next computer? Apple.

  8. Richard C says:

    Yahoo is a failing corporation and the delivery of services has become a joke – how many 360 sites now fail to function properly due to the alleged Universal platform upgrade (now not even talked about) – with customer service non-existent.

    Excellent members of management have either left in disgust or have been fired for questioning the direction of the company. Look past the bump in a share of stock this morning; Yahoo stock has been spiraling downward for months, as investors simply do not see a turnaround anytime soon.

    Microsoft has placed an all-or-nothing bid on the table. Yahoo accepts it or – within a year – its assets will be available at a “going out of business sale,” and sold for next to nothing.

  9. damienlagoy says:

    The question is will it become the best or the worst of both worlds? If they took the finer points of both and created a better product that would be great, but given the history (and personal experience) of both companies I fear it will be the latter. Historically, this is what happens when the larger giant company eats up the smaller one. Remember the AOL/Time Warner merger? Anyone who’s old enough to remember the “Old AT&T” knows what that can turn into and why it had to be broken up in the end. And even the “better” results of that are in question now.

    I have a feeling this could be the best thing for Google and Gmail yet!