Is there someone I can pay to make my website popular?

Question by Sweet Revelation: Is there someone I can pay to make my website popular?
I don’t mean pay-per-click engines, or spamming. I want to know if there are experts out there that market and promote websites? The problem is, organic search engine optimization is not possible with my website ( It doesn’t have a lot of keyword rich content. Can anyone help?

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Answer by Bunesh B
If you are selling properties, you can promote them on They are doing a nationwide campaign at the moment and that could help promote your website!
e -mail
Otherwise, I can’t help. Sorry!

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7 Responses to “Is there someone I can pay to make my website popular?”

  1. silkensilhouette says:

    well, you can pay me & I can get my friends to use the site, I have a lot of friends so it’ll be a good investment ;)

  2. FurY_Kid says:

    You can source for freelancers at and

    But it is always better if you know about internet marketing and traffic generating. Email me at . I can provide you with some ideas :)

  3. Carlton the Doorman says:

    I started my meditation techniques website on in 1998. To date I have had over 160,000,000 hits.
    I took advantage of all the free search engine listings to get my site out there but I had limited success with that. Then I start posting on Usenet message boards such as Alt.Zen or Alt.Sufi.
    Occasionally I would list my site on one of my posts. A lot of folks I met in these groups had websites too so I would link to them and they’d link to me. It took time and of course I offer all that is on my site totally free of charge but today I get tens of thousands of hits a day.
    Here’s my site. I pay nothing for it. I just have to let Angelfire/Lycos put ad banners at the top of my pages.

  4. gregdaman925 says:

    Check out this article:


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  6. Lina says:

    I looked at your website and it’s a very nice concept where people can visit and honestly ask their question. a web 2.0 site.

    I’ve signed up for it to see how everything works and it seems that you are not fully leveraging on your subscribers. Things like tell a friend script is exceptionally important to make your site viral.

    You can give out prizes as well to entice people to refer to their friends.

    If you want to advertise, you can go to forums and advertise in your sig file. Anyway, your site is a free site so it should be pretty easy to get people to sign up.

    Also, perhaps you should target places where teenages or young people visit online. You tube can be a great idea to market your site.

    maybe you would also like to pay on some advertisement on blogs, websites. Banner ads, pay per posts, on popular can be very useful.

    Treat it as an investment rather than a cost. If your site is successful, you can really earn much more $ $ than if you are stuck here.