Is There Any Purpose of Doing SEO Other Than Getting Traffic?

Question by Martin Guptil: Is There Any Purpose of Doing SEO Other Than Getting Traffic?
Do you all use SEO for getting traffic to your website, or someone here has different uses?

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Answer by Karen Frishman
SEO is also important for gaining quality backlinks to your site. The search engines evaluate the quality and quantity of the direct links from other sites to yours. Having a lot of high quality links pointing to your site indicates to the search engines that your site is important. And this directly affects the page rank that they give you.

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9 Responses to “Is There Any Purpose of Doing SEO Other Than Getting Traffic?”

  1. Blog Expert says:

    I use it to increase not only traffic but to improve the quality of my traffic. Improving SEO means improving the visitors who check out your site. Targeted traffic is important when trying to run a website.

  2. Doodled says:

    Part of SEO is actually about helping you to improve the experience of your users. People surfing the internet now use 20+ different browsers beyond Internet Explorer and some websites simply fall apart in them which is why they are penalized by search engines.

    Most of SEO is about getting your own website right. This naturally brings more traffic. After that link building is the optional extra to reinforce a good foundation.

  3. Ben Jackson says:

    Yes, the purpose of SEO is to get targeted traffic.

    All search starts with a keyword. You pick out a keyword that your target market would be searching for and then use SEO practices to gain the top position to get the majority of that traffic.

  4. Sam Jones says:

    Major benefits of getting SEO done for your website is to get on top position for search query. Major search engine basically deals with keyword relevancy and to generate qulaity traffic you need to work on SEO.

  5. BobbySTC says:

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  6. genietoast says:

    It’s mainly for getting traffic. Out of all the types of traffic that exists online, search engine traffic is the most qualifies and the most targeted. That’s why even Google ads are up there.

    You can get targeted traffic in other ways like submitting a guest post to a blog that’s related to your topic and then having a link in your bio that leads to your site. Not as much volume as search engnine traffic, but at least it’s targeted.

  7. Joey7 says:

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