Is SEO software really help for good website ranking?which one is the best ever used?

Question by nec: Is SEO software really help for good website ranking?which one is the best ever used?
Hi guys,
I am a newbie in Internet Marketing. As i understand that SEO is important in getting user traffic and website promotion and marketing. But in order to get high ranking is pretty hard if i do it manually. I have done some researches about “SEO software”, most of them stated, they could bring your website to top ranking in search engine. I was wondering how true is these software.

Could anyone who are experienced give a guide about this question?is that true that using a seo software can really get my websites rank on the top of search engine? Can anyone here please recommend me some useful SEO software?
Please advice…

Thank everyone.

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Answer by Guna Nadar
I had used Arelis and Dynamic Submission earlier but no good. Google have openly condemned use of SEO softwares like webceo etc.

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  1. Tiffany Miller says:

    I wish it was a simple as buying software to rank number one, but it isn’t. Besides what would happen if both you and your competitor bought the same software? Who would be number 1?

    SEO takes time and lots of knowledge, there is simply no magic wand.

    However, there is software that will aid you in your efforts and most are free. For example check out and

    If any software, or anyone for that matter, promises you a number 1 ranking they are almost ALWAYS not telling the truth!

  2. ? says:

    In reality, there is no single automated software that can bring your website to top positions. If it could be that easy, then there will be no seo in this world. Ranking high for competitive keywords is extremely difficult and you have to do it slowly or your website may get flagged. Most software like market samurai will only help you in you getting good keywords but not good rankings. Good rankings can only be achieved by building good back links towards your site. You may have to purchase different software for different purposes like for article submission, rss feed submission, social bookmarking submission software, etc.
    Some of the best seo software that can help you are Senuke, Xrumer, Xgenseo, etc.
    For fast indexing you can submit your site at its a free backlinking service that will automatically create and ping back links for your site.

  3. Hary Blum says:

    I learned a lot about SEO from this guy (I guess I should
    say kid because he’s only 20) and he’s the one that inspired
    me to do and make money online.
    I think the best is a sniper tactics

  4. Richard Woolsey says:

    Hi Nec . . .

    As a 10-year Internet marketing and SEO professional, my advice to you is this: Stop trying to get it done the easy, lazy way. If you have a passion for your subject this will make all the difference and you will lose interest in trying to “get rich” overnight. You’re creating a lifestyle, not a program.

    Communicate with your audience on a real level and your online success will flourish.

    Hope this helps.

    Rick Woolsey

  5. Simplicity Matters says:

    Unless and until you know the fundamentals of SEO, not a single software alone is going to help you. First know what are the demands of the market, search engine & society in general.

  6. Nicole says:

    Yes, SEO is effective for earning targeted marketing for your website, if your website is having online presence then it will be visible to your visitors, thus it will increase the revenue of your website. Many websites are used for keyword researching, traffic estimation, ppc ads, competitors keywords, etc.