Is anyone familiar with Website Pros-a webpage marketing firm that makes sure you are submitted to search?

Question by Rochelle: Is anyone familiar with Website Pros-a webpage marketing firm that makes sure you are submitted to search?
engines properly and listed with Yahoo Yellow pages & etc, etc.. I would love to hire a company to do this stuff for me, but it sounds like they are taking over your website (& business?).
It’s like $ 140 bucks a month and they put a trackable phone number routed to your # and supposedly it’s month to month, but if you cancel what happens to the people who have that phone # that they provided and what type of control has Website Pros taken of your website? I built my own and tho I do think I need help, I want to be the sole proprietor of my site. I will add, I’m a bit low tech and built my site on Go Daddy-I got the Trailblazer package to submit to search engines and I doubt if I did much good at all! lol. Anyhow, thanks.
P.S. They are somehow aligned with Discover, Yahoo & Google.
P.P.S. When I built my site I got lots of great advice from Yahoo Answers about how to do all this stuff myself-but, man, it is all so freakin’ complicated.

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Answer by brokerstorage
I have never heard of them.

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  1. jt66250 says:

    I would advise you not to go with their service. They are not anymore aligned with google and yahoo than you are, or could be. Yahoo and Google dont align themselves with ANY company to give them special treatment in how their website is placed in the search engine rankings. They only judge by the content of the website, number of other good sites linking to yours, and how relevant the content is.

    You seem like a go getter so I will give this link to you because I think you will actually use it.

    Here is a link to 26 different ways to get more traffic to your website. Its kind of an A-Z step by step approach to building your web traffic.

    I have used this approach in over 100 different websites that I have built or own with good results and I think taking these steps would help a lot. There is some detail but I am writing an even more updated and detailed version based on the notes I am taking for how its working for me.

    Email me and I promise to send it to you when Im done.

    Best wishes.

  2. Frootbat31 says:

    With the use of META tags and the ‘free submit’ sites, you will be listed most of the big name search engines. Many search engines also use the primary search engines such as Google for their listings, so listing with one will get you listed with TONS of others.
    I would recommend NOT using a company that claims they can advertise your site via the Internet. The money would be better spent on the normal advertising outlets, which will link back to your site anyway.
    Have your site listed with Google, and use META tags which the search engine ‘crawlers’ use to find web sites.

  3. Angie says:

    I’ve never heard of that company before either, but I was wondering whether the page below is what you are referring to? If it is, it’s only $ 24.95 per month, or $ 199 per year?

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