Internet Marketing Question for anyone who uses the internet!?

Question by the_ivy_vine: Internet Marketing Question for anyone who uses the internet!?
1) Which search engine do you use?
2) Keywords would you use if you had a problem with…?
* mold
* busted/leaking pipe
* a roof leak
* sewage problem (toilet overflow,city sewage backup, or septic)
3) Do you read reviews?
4) Do you use 3rd party sites (Yelp, Merchant Circle, Service Magic, etc.), and if so, which one(s)?
5) What do you look for when reading reviews?
6) What characteristics do you look for in a service company? What gives you confidence in that company?
7) What would it take to get you to recommend a company to a friend?

Thanks in advance, everyone!

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Answer by gsupernova
1)Submit to yahoo, bing, google

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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing Question for anyone who uses the internet!?”

  1. Contempo says:

    Hmmm which search engine would I use ?
    For PPC traffic GOOGLE
    For SEO, Ideally you want to get your website listed on all the search engines.
    I think you just answered your own question about keywords. Focus on expanding on that list. Sounds like you are attempting to optimize or market for a plumber/contractor type service.
    Yes we READ REVIEWS and YELP is a great place to get your site LISTED as they have great ranking presence on the search engines (ALL of them)

    What we are looking for is general good standing among previous customers, that is very important, plus a service guarantee

    To recommend to a friend, all it takes is a job well done

  2. Jagoda1817 says:

    by saying no, your los angeles will have to right its way and possibly perform proper thing for once