I want your SEO consultation about meta tags?

Question by : I want your SEO consultation about meta tags?
I translated my website into 7 languages, because i want my website to be visible, if somebody starts searching my product in one of the translated languages, in the Google or other search engine. In English it is visible; moreover, my site is on the first page when searching by the right keyword, so i want it to be searchable in all translated languages. What can I do to achieve this goal?
All translations are made in a very high level.

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Answer by John
Ambitious plan, but it is as hard as ambitious. You need to start linking more for foreign keywords (using anchors) on sites with other languages and on your own language sites. You need to be sure also that your texts are translated properly. Remember that in some countries SEO looks different ;-)

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  1. John says:

    Your SEO task is tough, because you have to take care of many perspectives. It will be better if you hire any agency. As per your requirement I can suggest only one site. http://www.hypertargetmarketing.com/

  2. Dennis says:

    I don’t think you will have to change the meta-tags in respective languages. Google crawler can understand English. You can put a translator in your website but no need to change the meta’s into respective languages. As because if your site is in English and you want to see in the 1st page of Google Italy then you will just do one thing – keep concentrating on demographic offpage SEO. Find some italy based directories, article sites, Press release sites, local listing, Answer in yahoo answers in the respective country — these will can help you to get visible in those country by your targeted keywords.