I want to know which way is the best way of advertising for any company.?

Question by Rosey: I want to know which way is the best way of advertising for any company.?
Which of these are the best and worst ways of advertising?

Direct e-mail
Cross-media advertising
Banner advertising
Target market
Public relations
Search engine registration
Affiliate programs
My company is advertising cookie treats…

Best answer:

Answer by Lloyd B
That will depend on the kind of product.

The kind of advertising that works for cars isn’t the same as would work for tomatoes.

If one way worked for everything, you list would be a lot shorter.

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10 Responses to “I want to know which way is the best way of advertising for any company.?”

  1. Valentina R says:

    Maybe some T.V and try giving out flyers too people. Maybe some internet or newspaper advertising

  2. gatefan says:

    Wow…sounds like you know a little bit about a lot of things.

    Consider your target demo-graphic (the group of people you want to sell to) and make your advertising choices accordingly.

    That said, my advice is always going to be – go local first! Establish your economic base with traditional means. Research rates on local TV, Radio and print to discover advertising rates in your market and then develop a budget of spending. When dealing with these guys, be thrifty and hold out for their “best deal.”

    Consider outdoor advertising (billboards)while you’re at it, and for that matter never knock the concept of the poster posted at every burger shack and grocery store in your area to let folks know about your product or service. You can even hire a few part timers to shell out 1 page flyers in parking lots if you think it will help your business.

    Bottom line – get proactive, always consider your target demo, and promote, promote, promote – Hey, just ask Coca Cola or Budweiser what marketing means to them.

    Good Luck!

    Hey, as an after thought, and I’m editing my original answer here – if you’re marketing your service or product to the web, talk to someone who has experience in that venue. They’ll be eager to let you know about their success and probably be willing to tell you about the mistakes they made getting there.

  3. Mark Welch says:

    There is no “best way of advertising” that applies to all companies. You start by identifying your objectives, your audience, and your message. Then you pick and choose strategies that may work, and experiment.

    The one “danger zone” you’ve identified is “direct e-mail,” because any time someone new talks about email marketing, I worry that you’re going to be duped into spamming, which may destroy your company. (Many “newbies” hire companies to send email marketing messages, based on the promise that the recipients all opted in to receive the emails — it’s almost always a lie.)

    Yes, for some businesses it’s wise to “go local first,” but many (perhaps most) online businesses do NOT have any particular advantage to target locally. (There may be some reasons to launch regionally, while “ramping up” and testing.)

    In most cases, public relations and SEO (search engine optimization) are the most profitable form of marketing, but is almost completely unreliable. Affiliate programs can also be very high-ROI strategies, with very little risk of losses. Search marketing (paid search engine ads) is probably the easiest to control, but depending on your niche it may be a major or minor part of your marketing. Banner advertising is probably one of the least effective modes of advertising.

    I generall advise clients NOT to launch an affiliate program until doing lots of testing with paid search; one key issue is that you can always “pause” paid-search campaigns if you reach capacity, but affiliate marketing is nearly impossible to “turn off.”

  4. get right says:

    It depends because a certain one goes with a certain product.

  5. webmaster2webmaster says:

    Affiliate programs work very well, but the initial cost can get pretty high. Search Engine Marketing is probably your best bet. Sometime the keywords you bid on can get pretty high with the bigger search engines so you might want to try some a little smaller, such as Ask.com, MSN or Mamma.com Also be sure to look around for sarch engine promotions. There are a lot of search engines that give you free cash when you sign up to advertise on the site.

  6. asi says:

    You are doing cookie treats rights, this is my answer specific to this biz..

    i will say this from the very start, your biz is quite seasonal, i.e you will see a big spike during festive seasons.

    As such,

    During low season,
    invest in PPC and do some promo, and get out a few press release out

    During high season,
    again start a unique promo, put up some press releases, get out a few affiliate marketing ideas, and invest in a good tell a friend script..maybe a script that sends a ecard, with your website link in it.. Make it go viral.

    There is a lot, and you can learn more if you research online

  7. B.A.S.S. says:

    I always felt public relations,being friendly and respectful,and one to one advertising to be the best. I know my friends usually buy my suggestions,and stay away from my enemies to our continued friendship.

  8. Ray L says:

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  9. Payal104 says:

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  10. Cemile42 says:

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