I need advice on advertising my web-sites?

Question by Kay A: I need advice on advertising my web-sites?
I just signed up with a MLM and I received 3 web-sites/pages to market my biz. I am however, really confused about how to, or which company to go with, to drive traffic to my sites. There are thousands of others signed up with the same co. who come up in a search engine. I considering email advertising or just buying leads. I want to spend as little as possible; I am just getting started and I do not want to end up putting more into this biz than I am getting out of it. I would appreciate your comments.

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Michael Myklin
Good answers will depend on the MLM you have joined. There are some answers for you in my profile.

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  1. Gela says:

    I would join the TEAM if I were you. There is no way to create loyalty online otherwise.

  2. stonerosedesigndotcom says:

    Good luck…you’ll kinda need it because you’re not in control.

  3. kpraveenkumars says:

    Hire an SEO, SEM consultant..

    SEO, SEM your websites..


  4. terra says:

    Ahhh… MLM- Well, don’t quit your day job just yet!
    The best bet when working with an MLM type of website is to think outside of the box. You want to try to advertise where others in your MLM program aren’t advertising. Try local classifieds, pennysavers (always had great results with those), and SEO tactics on your website. Another great way to get your website noticed is to get your own custom domain name. You can get one for about $ 9.00 per year at yahoo or godaddy.com. When choosing the domain name, make sure to place the KEY word of your business in it. If you are selling lotion… make it bestlotionsellers.com ..and so on. Also… make sure it’s a “.com” as those usually seem more legit than a “.net, or a .info”.

    Good Luck!

  5. mary says:

    Try SEO tactics. Nowadays, when you advertise online, you also have to study how search engines go about indexing websites.

    Also, be on the lookout with new trends in web marketing. There are a lot of these stuff online. You have to read the tips and cons on how to advertise your own business online.

    Good luck!


  6. Joseph Ponnou says:

    MLM is not my cup of tea, but I have indeed tried it in the past and have researched several models extensively.

    Let me first state that only 5% of those who engage in MLM become rich; 15% succeed and the remaining 80% don’t even recover their initial investment. If you are getting negative opinions, remember that they are from those who fall under the latter 80% of the crowd.

    You must first decide that you will be one among the top 20% bracket.

    You must accept that it is a long and hard journey if you want to make it really big.

    Do not give up, against all odds and keep improving your strategies.

    Specifically, your MLM company may have a consortium / wheel system where you can sign up and all participants get an equal share of the traffic from a common ad spend. Check out if they have such a system.

    E-Mail marketing will also surely work, but look for reliable sources to tie-up with. Also, remember that your response rate will be in the region of 0.5% to 0.7%, so plan your numbers accordingly. Parallelly, work on building your own database for future mail campaigns.

    Try Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. With proper research, you can spend very less and get amazing results instantly.

    Good Luck.

    Joseph Ponnou

  7. Alen B says:

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  8. Smart says:

    I recommend you promote your deal with the Business Opportunity Search Engine

    Write an article and submit it. Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide.


  9. Yohannes S says:

    MLM is MLM. Notice that. Why don’t you make your own? I think you can do that, can’t you ? Just get the idea, and be fair with your down link. Apply honesty and dignity in it. Good luck!