I need advice on advertising my web-sites?

Question by Kay A: I need advice on advertising my web-sites?
I just signed up with a MLM and I received 3 web-sites/pages to market my biz. I am however, really confused about how to, or which company to go with, to drive traffic to my sites. There are thousands of others signed up with the same co. who come up in a search engine. I considering email advertising or just buying leads. I want to spend as little as possible; I am just getting started and I do not want to end up putting more into this biz than I am getting out of it. I would appreciate your comments.

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by sim232jd
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4 Responses to “I need advice on advertising my web-sites?”

  1. www.CareerFrustrated.com says:

    You need a catchy name/domain that people will remember…then brand your website EVERYWHERE, for example…I put my website on EVERYTHING: http://www.CareerFrustrated.com

    Email Sig. lines
    outgoing mail (just write it on the envelope)
    drop cards
    submit to google
    submit to yahoo
    submit to msn
    leave it on my voicemail: thanks for calling, please leave a message and don’t forget to visit http://www.CareerFrustrated.com
    -Call the local radio station and request a song to “all my family and friends working hard at CareerFrustrated.com

    just be creative, the ideas will keep coming…

  2. JLMelvin says:

    Free classified advertising works great and especially if you follow a plan.


  3. sueh2007 says:

    There are several other free classified ad sites you can post on. Most will display your ad for 7-10 days then you have to re-submit. Write a simple but powerful ad and then do a search for free classifieds and go to each of them. Cut and paste your ad to save time. Join affiliates. Link with other MLMs. Go to Classifieds4free.com and advertise in each state. Sign up with http://www.aweber.com/?220878 for leads, affiliates and stat tracking – nominal fee. Good luck

  4. dustyi says:

    depending on type of business the best way is word of mouth. hand out business cards to friends and any one you meet . mlms are hard because there is soo much alike sites and email. you can pay to have your site at the top of the list on google or such. but i always liked just getting word out, talk to alot of people , put the address on your bumper sticker or some where on your car.