I got 2 job offers at the same time, chose one and am not regretting my selection….?

Question by Curious George: I got 2 job offers at the same time, chose one and am not regretting my selection….?
So, I got 2 job offers both sort of outside my field. I am a project manager that works with clients and builds their websites. One of the offers was in search engine marketing (dealing with clients) and one was managing the development of web sites internally (no dealing with clients). I chose the first one even though there was a 30% cut in pay and still was working with clients. I thought it had the a better long term outlook . I’m starting to regret this decision because of the large decrease in pay and the large number of people that currently do Search Engine Marketing. It seems like everyone and their brother does it. Two questions:
a) How bad is it to ask for a job back after you rejected it? (I rejected it very nicely and they knew the tough decision which I had)
b) Should I even try to get it back and thus turn down my acceptance on the other one?

Thanks you all!

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Answer by boredem
Personally I’d just contact them and tell them if they was still an opening that you were still interested now, things aren’t working like you thought. My dad turned down a job before and decided he wanted to go back, so he thought about it for a while and contacted them, he to was worried what they would think. Well conclusion they didn’t think bad because they understood why because he had explained to them, another job was what it was. Well he got his back, I’d say its worth the shot whats the worst that could happen them so no, or might say yea, then again they might say yes as soon as we get another opening. You want know unless you try.

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7 Responses to “I got 2 job offers at the same time, chose one and am not regretting my selection….?”

  1. Dgirl97 says:

    I wouldn’t hestitate to inquire about whether position is still open. Give it a shot! Nothing to feel bad about…just be prepared to think of a good way to explain. Just say, something like, after careful review, the other position was just not the correct fit and really emphasize why the position you want is the correct one…..I feel my skills would be put to better use in this area because I like to focus on my projects.

    You are so blessed. I am laid off and most people here can’t even find a part-time job…Good luck…you won’t know and will always further regret if you don’t ask…..and to your benefit, you rejected nicely………….good job! That speaks volumes and may be just the key to them bringing you back!

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