I can’t concentrate in my office!!?

Question by andrew b: I can’t concentrate in my office!!?
It might just be me, but i work as an IT marketing consultant, which basically means i call companies and run their websites online marketing on different search engines etc…

But our new boss thinks pumping loud music from a radio station into our office is a way to motivate staff, the problem is they play it to loud and the radio station plays the same songs over and over and over again.. its well over my concentration level so i find and my work is suffering because of this, but how do i tell the bosses that, other people feel the same but the majority of the office think its great…..

Don’t get me wrong i love music, im only 29 ffs, but their a time and a place and the office when you on the phone is’nt it….

Aaaaarrggghhh, am i being stupid>???

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Answer by Ms Common Cents
No…you’re not being stupid. You need the tools to do your job effectively and a conducive environment is very near the top of the list!

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5 Responses to “I can’t concentrate in my office!!?”

  1. MeL says:


    put earplugs in, maybe he will catch the hint..

  2. Jack's broken heart says:

    You should feel comfortable enough to request it to be turned down a notch or two. Thats obnoxious!

  3. janetrmi says:

    One answer: ear plugs. And no, you are not stupid. Might be time to look for another position.

  4. keeah s says:

    i agree to you,
    that thier is a time for every thing…………………..
    if you will be scared of your boss than you have to face your problem every where and your work will continue suffering with it and its better to post a letter to your office again and again still your boss doesn’t stop it but be careful that your letter should be with out your name.

    good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tseruyah says:

    No, you aren’t being stupid but your bosses are.

    A professional working environment is not an unreasonable expectation.

    Why not suggest that the bosses cease pumping in music and allow everyone that wants it a radio in their cubicle with their own choice of music or none at all?

    Your stress levels are only going to go up. You must say something!

    (My husband hates the country music his boss inflicts on the entire workplace all day long. The boss claims he plays it because that’s what their customers listen to at their workplaces. If my husband wasn’t able to get out of the workplace for half the day, he’d go nuts!)