How will Yahoo use the information gathered in this forum?

Question by : How will Yahoo use the information gathered in this forum?
Will they:

1. Sell it to marketing companies

2. Publish informational books

3. Use it to further search engine capapbilities

4. Conduct scientific research to resolve man’s issues

5. Start charging for the use of this

6. Delete everything on here as a big joke

7. Reveal they are really spearheading a scientology movement

Best answer:

Answer by djmantx
8. forward this information to the N.S.A. like every other corporation in the U.S.

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5 Responses to “How will Yahoo use the information gathered in this forum?”

  1. Mike10613 says:

    I’ve found that the Yahoo spiderbot that searches for websites for the search engine follows the links we put in when answering questions. That can be useful, if you want to get your web site on to the Yahoo search database. I think it may work with other stuff. Maybe if you have a Myspace page you can put a link to that the spiderbot may follow. Incidentally, once it follows the link to my site – anyone linked to my site – also gets a visit. I have Madonna’s Myspace page on my webring page – so even Madonna gets a bit of free publicity! If you want to get on my webring page – let me know. take a look first. Be sure to leave a message in my guest book and don’t forget this is a top answer and well worth 10 points!!!!

  2. Rockinjellyfish says:

    They are going to use the information to extort things from us.
    They have already threatened to tell my wife that I have a girlfriend unless I make Yahoo my homepage.

  3. ima_report_you says:

    It will be given to illegal aliens?
    sorry… my sad attempt at adding politics to this non political question.

  4. MojoMan says:

    8. Lobby congress for better public school reform.

  5. slackers696 says:

    9. They have some cool technology that takes all the info about each person and turns it into an appropriate-looking avatar. Unfortunately most avatars will end up having enlarged foreheads and 6 toes.