How to start SEO of a new website ?

Question by : How to start SEO of a new website ?
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I want know that what is latest trend and techniques to start SEO of a Information technology website.


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Answer by Navdeep Singh
start with on page optimisation and then shift to off page optimisation…

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  1. Nate J says:

    If you want to be successful, start at the begging and don’t try to short cut the process. Start with understanding the search behavior around your product, topic, or service. Build the site architecture around search behavior, layer on content that is worth reading and sharing, and use Google Analytics to track your site’s success.

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  2. dipen says:

    See first of all I would like to tell you that doing SEO of the site is to hype and marketing of the site over the internet so there is no technique in fact there is a strategy which can be planned by analyzing the site and checking competitors of the site. Now you can do keyword research and on page and after than off page submissions to increase backlinks and improve rankings a normal one to promote a website. But one who can define the strategical marketing can only help you to get on the 1st page where every site wants to be on.

    Talking about latest trend you can take help of the SMO, advertise your site on every social media website and attract customer from there, make other people follow your link on social media site, this could help you to get visitors but it could not be a targeted traffic.

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  3. seo webmaster says:

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