How to start a Network Security Business as a Certified Network Security Specialist?

Question by GoEngineer: How to start a Network Security Business as a Certified Network Security Specialist?
Hello! Can anyone please help me with this question? Thanks! I am getting certified in Network Security from my school and should be finished within a month. I plan to start a Network Security Agency or Consultant Group. How would I go about this? Is there a large number of businesses willing to pay for an outsider to mess with their Networks Security? And what type of businesses should I start to market too? I have done searches on this through numerous search Engines, but nothing has come up. I appreciate your responses. Thank You all ahead of time!

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Answer by KMS
I would suggest finding a job with another company as a network security specialist first. I worked in the industry for a couple decades and very few companies will want ot hire oyur company without any experience under your belt. There’s a big difference between classroom exercises and real world experience. Get some background first, the rest will follow.

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  1. meandlisa says:

    It’s totally obvious when a “consultant ” walks in and has no real experience in their field, and I personally won’t hire a consultant that doesn’t have a reference list of similar projects completed.

    You really need some real-world experience first: get a job in the IT field, after five years you could probably wrangle your way into network security, get at least five years in network security, and then you’ll be in a viable position to try this.

    As an aside: if you’re thinking about consulting but don’t know if what you want to do is possible, how to do it, if you have a market, or who that market is… that should tell you something important.

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