How to select an SEO person/company to hire?

Question by Jemi A: How to select an SEO person/company to hire?
I have a 6 month old website that is no where to be found on google. What are good interviewing questions to ask search engine optimization people before I hire someone.

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Answer by Debera
about it you can get information from here

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  1. naidu p says:

    No need to worry you can easily choose the seo person/company. Go to one good search engine type seo services pick 3 or 4 top companies then ask them how long will give the keyword rankings, page rank, alexa rank etc.and .you can tell them your gole ( keyword ranking in top into on niche web market) then you can visit them website stuff.

    Note: new companies also give the good results if it has real time experience

    Hope you it’s useful and helpful info.

    Best of Luck
    Naidu P.

  2. Tim Wu says:

    talk to them first, show they your website and see if they are knowledgeable
    get some suggestion or ideas from SEO person/company
    ask for the quote price for the project.

  3. Jonathan Allen says:

    First always ask for at least 3 sites they have worked on that are currently in the top 5 on google. If they use the excuse that they have a non disclosure agreement and can’t share that info then walk away. Once you find a company that can prove it then you can ask the amount of time they think it will take for your keyword and pricing. Once you have 3 companies that have proven their success and have given you pricing now you have apple to apple comparisons and you can negotiate price. Beware of companies that are only putting your site in google local search map, that is free and you can do it yourself.