How to get your resume out there…?

Question by Josh: How to get your resume out there…?
I will be graduating in May and want to get my resume out there. I know you can post them on job search engines such as but wonder if this a good idea and how effective it actually is. Do employers actually search these sites for employees. I would assume in a market like we are in now there would be no need to search for employees as they will come to you in the masses…. Any tips or ideas on how to get my resume out there and increase my chances of avoiding the post graduation unemployment period would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the advice.

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Answer by mrreliable3599
Make your resume stand out.

Don’t make your resume look like everyone else’s. Don’t use a standard word program format or something online.

I look at lots of resumes and more than half of them look exactly alike.

Think of something more creative for your Career Objectives than the standard pat language they teach you in school. As I’ve said before, the next time I see “I am seeking a position in a company where I can utilize my skills and have opportunity for advancement,” I’m gonna hurl.

One of the most impressive presentations I’ve seen was from a gentleman who sent his resume in a clear presentation folder. It had only four pages in it – a cover letter, two-page resume, and a list of references, so it didn’t NEED a presentation folder, but it sure made an impression it was something I should look at.

Gotta think outside the box. Don’t try to get too cute or flashy, but try to stand out from the crowd.

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