How much does SEO usually cost and how long should it take to get on page 1 for competitive phrases?

by tm-md

Question by : How much does SEO usually cost and how long should it take to get on page 1 for competitive phrases?

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Answer by Jake
Anyone who quotes you a fixed price for such results should not be trusted.

Some search keywords are 1000x more difficult to rank #1 for than others. To rank highly for a commercial competitive term you can expect it to require a sustained campaign taking a number of months, in part because suddenly pouring on a sudden surge of SEO effort will raise a red flag with the search engines. Some services providing fast ranking change may use techniques that can give a short term boost, but cost you in penalties in the long run, in the worst cases getting your site de-indexed. Google’s renewed interest in site quality has made some SEO techniques employed a couple of years ago ineffective or dangerous now. The quite new Google Penguin SEO Spam filter has some webmasters scurrying around trying to get low quality backlinks removes in order to improve their overall backlink profile.

Perhaps 30% – 50% of the search ranking effort involves the content of your site, you can assume you will need a bit more quality content than the currently top ranked sites. Although backlinks from other sites is no longer the only signal the search engines use to rank a site, the remain an important factor, assume you will need more links from relevant quality pages than the competitors. Doing some competitive backlink research is a routine part of SEO. Tools like will give you an idea, it’s worth signing up with the specialty search engine so you can see how they see your site, using the query: /seo , (Most other search engines don’t share the statistics they have collected about your site.)

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5 Responses to “How much does SEO usually cost and how long should it take to get on page 1 for competitive phrases?”

  1. Mr.SEO says:

    About cost it depends on their service. And no one can guarantee that he can make you on top of Search engine.

  2. Hal Smith says:

    Around a 100 bucks and about 3 to 4 weeks. It depends on number of factors though.

    Hal Smith Consultant

  3. X says:

    no answer for your question, no 2 competitive phrases are same competition levels.

  4. Leif Jason says:

    There is no usual cost for SEO, and there is no specific length of time it takes to be listed on the first page of search engine results.

    Here are some of the factors that impact cost & timing:
    - how aggressively your competition is pursuing search engine optimization as a marketing strategy (how much they are spending plus how much time they are putting in internally)
    - how effective/knowledgeable your competitors’ consultants are vs. yours

    And timing is a function of the items above, plus how much you are spending. You don’t necessarily need to outspend your competition if you have very talented people working with you and their people are so-so, however don’t count on it.

  5. bullzrun says:

    SEO is free. I can rank front page of a hot niche in 4 days.

    Good Luck!