How many businesses would pay $600/£500 a month for Search Engine Optimization ?

Question by : How many businesses would pay 0/£500 a month for Search Engine Optimization ?
To agencies or consultants who specialise in helping clients achieve better rankings for their websites

how many businesses would realistically take part in such a program ?

I dont think their is much point in targeting big wall street firms as they probably have their own SEO internal departments
what sort of buisnesses would take part ? where shall I look for them ?
I cant target the local retailer down the road…struggling for ideas on where to find potential customers

I dont actually own the company ive just been offered a jobs in the sales deparment

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Answer by Guillaume Steinmetz
Well, generally speaking it’s a good investment. You invest 600$ a month, but if it helps you get 1 new client a month, it’s a good deal.
Plus not all SEO services are that expensive. My business is oriented toward accessible rates. I don’t think it’s fair to charge 600$ a month just for 2-3 hours of tracking and maintenance.

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  1. Darren Treend says:

    It depends on what your site has to offer, but its a ok amount if they are putting in the hours to make up for the cost then it should help you move up the search engines and increase your sales to cover the costs.

    I would say £250 to £300 would be a fair amount… but then if you are selling adult products for example, then a lot more time would be needed due to the amount of competition out there, then £500 per month is fair.

    Hope this helps