How do I get my webpage to appear on search engine?

Question by The Great Indian: How do I get my webpage to appear on search engine?
I have created following webpage.

It has a lots of information about India, indians, devoational, food, kids, indian children. However, I am unable to get the search engine crowl on this page. I am new on website marketing and not selling anything on this site. So, please advise me so that I can get my site crowled by search engines for minimum possible price.


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Answer by Sivakumar B
Actually getting listed in a Search Engine is easy, but getting the top position is what costing lots of effort. Hence the service charges to get the highest rank will be of more money.

However, to do it yourself consider doing the below items to get listed in a best possible place.

1. First and for most fill up your site with text text and text

2. Try matching your url and content and keyword with description of the page in the Meta Tag

3. You should watch some of the webmaster tools to get the right key word for your website. Tracking of the most accessed keywords will get your best possible keywords that have been searched. Hence you need to make sure that those keywords are posted in your meta tag without stop words and repeats.

4. try keeping alt tag always filled for your sites images

5. dont run into site with frames as many search engines dont like that.

6. After conducting the above steps, try to get as much as possible cross linking to your site from other places, you need to consider exchaning your site link with some good sites.

7. keep your site advertisement on with crowded media sites in india, which can bring more and more pageviews, that will increase your page rank in search engines

8. try avoiding advertisement in the initial days in the site

9. Keep as much as possible static webpages instead of dynamic, In my own experience the dynamic webpages are big no no to the search engines

10. Once things are ready, keep posting your website urls yes every single htm page you can contribute some desc, keyword and good content to the search engines through their web sites.

11. you can optionally use WebCEO a software which could be handy to keep your Seach Engine Optimization work

12. Once done, keep yourself tracking of your website performance with pageviews, users and user country etc. Based on that try marketing your site into those areas.

13. I have a website which is a Camera Friendly Objects – and used with Google Adsense, to my surprise after 1year of use and keeping all my users to go out of mysite when they click into the advertisemnet i got only 19.7$ which is not worth the effort. Hence I suggest dont run behind such advertisements, as you will end up loosing your customers.

Alright I hope this information will be of bit use to you, visit my blog at: – Japan Travel

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