How come people complain when someone wants to buy a mixed breed dog?

Question by Cutie P00: How come people complain when someone wants to buy a mixed breed dog?
I am in the market to purchase a mixed (poodle mix) breed dog from a reputable breeder. But everytime I read about someone who wants to get one, other people have nasty comments about it. I understand everyone has an opinion but ALL dogs deserve to be in loving homes whether or not they live in a shelter, in a pet store, or with a breeder. So if you loved animals soo much then why is it soo hard for those of YOU to accept a beautiful dog no matter where it comes from. What a contradiction!!!! I have been looking for good information from questions that were previously asked on the type of dog that I want but it is pointless for me to ask my own questions because I won’t get a real answer either. To all who have nasty wastefull comments, shame on you for ruining a perfectly good place for people to get real information. To everyone else, don’t worry about asking things here try using a search engine from any website to find your favorite breeds.

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Bang on.

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  1. matt p says:

    Go to a shelter. adopt a dog that desperately needs a home!!!

  2. maww50 says:

    I don’t know. Heinz variety dogs have always made the best pets here.

  3. DirtMcGirt says:

    I’m not prejudice or anything, I just think dogs should stick to their own.

  4. thecrunkness says:

    people thinks taht just because its a pure bred its better but what they dont understand is that pure breds are not the best dogs to buy because they are mainly inbreds, so they end up with a lot of problems and some of them end up being the dumbest dogs, mutts are the way to go, they re smart, loyal, and kinda cute.

  5. Kutekymmee says:

    If you are looking for a mixed breed, why not go to the animal shelter or humane society and save a dog from death row?

  6. Tapestry6 says:

    I am not sure what the complaint is from your paragraph its kind of vague. Are they mad because your getting it from a breeder.. or because it is mixed?
    I have a mixed poodle/maltese.. he is the funniest little guy at 8lbs and 10 years I got him from a rescue.
    Hope you enjoy the one you get :-)

  7. skullmaniac16 says:

    Because people don’t understand the value of a dog: best friend and good company at home, they understand it like an object (original or fake like breed and mix breed). That hurts I know, but other people’s remarks don’t matter, it matters if you care for the dog.

  8. two_kee_kees says:

    Are the people making nasty comments because you want a mix dog or because you’re going to a breeder? I mentioned something one time about dog breeders and you would’ve thought I had told everyone I was going to murder them by their reactions. Don’t be discouraged. I love all dogs no matter what breed, and I think they all deserve loving homes. But it’s also the humans’ responsibility to keep the dog population down so we don’t have so many homeless dogs. Good luck with your new doggy!

  9. insomniman1 says:

    pure breeds are over rated. mutts is where its at.

  10. firefly says:

    I love my rotten mutweiler! I don’t care where he came from.

  11. witty_pretty_lass says:

    All dogs deserve to be loved and have a happy home, puppies can’t chose who their mother or father was, they’re simply born.
    Breeders are afraid that inter-breed mixing will cause the traits in the dogs they love to disappear and the breed to become non-existant.

  12. Jase says:

    go to a shelter! Every breeder is in context a murderer.For every dog that is purchased from a breeder, another one gets murdered by a shelter. So everyone that buys from a breeder or a breeder supplied pet store is in turn murdering a puppy or kitten from the shelter.

  13. Guy D says:

    They are snobs and fools. I can tell you from personal experience that mix breeds are generally smarter, have MUCH fewer health problems, and have a better disposition. Why? Because the pure-breeds are now so overly in-bred by the puppy factories that their genetics are dismal. It is only by mixing the breeds that you get a good, high quality dog these days.

    Do yourself a favor. Go to the pound, save a great dog from the gas chanber, and you will have a loving companion that will cost you thousands less over their lifespan than the AKC registered doggie in the breeder’s kennels.

  14. starcatdazzler says:

    Ah yes, “all dogs deserve a good home”. I agree with that. But quite frankly, if you BUY these dogs, you’re only supporting the people who put them into bad conditions.

    You buy from a pet store, you’re sending the explicit message that you APPROVE of their practices. And unless you really approve of puppy milling and abuse, why would you want to monetarily support it?

    As for these so called “breeders”, no responsible breeder breeds a mixed breed dog. So you’re only supporting backyard breeders.

    No one is going to pat you on the back for contributing to the overpopulation problem by supporting the industries that engender it. We support the good of animals, of rescuing animals that need homes, not of putting money into the pockets of people that are MAKING THE PROBLEM WORSE.

  15. iluvmyfrenchbulldogs says:

    I agree, and good job for going through a reputable breeder. The only problem that I have with it is puppymills (but it is the same with purebreeds too).

  16. Anthony G says:

    With all breeds I feel they should be bought by a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder is one who breeds a particular breed to better that breed in conformation meaning size temperment less chance of breed related diseases etc. each time someone buys from Joe breeder because he may be cheaper it hurts the entire breed by putting out more less then perfect dogs (not saying those dogs are worthless but if less people but from regular $ $ breeders then the only breeding would be done by ones with true love for the breed in question with regards to its overall health and stature look size weight temperment hereditary disease elimination etc)

  17. MELISSA B says:

    I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but in answer to why people who love animals have a problem with buying from pet stores and some breeders, the answer is simple. Most dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills where the bitch is kept pregnant and abuse runs rampant. Inbreeding is common and medical problems with the puppies occurs frequently. Some breeders(note, I said some.. not all) also don’t treat the dogs well. They are in it for the money not the love of the animals. Buying from these places only support the abuse. Animal lovers would rather get a dog from a shelter since there are so many homeless dogs and those dogs will more than likely be destroyed if not adopted.
    Please do not take this as an attack, I agree that all animals deserve a loving home. I am only trying to let you see the other view point.

  18. Cara B says:

    The problem is not with mixed breed dogs, it is with people who intentionally breed mixes and charge purebred prices when the shelters are full of them. Unlike pedigrees, there is nothing to be gained by intentionally breeding mixes, other than more dogs needing homes.

    I have no problem with mixed breed dogs. I own one. Where did I get her? The pound. She was there with the rest of her litter due to irresponsible breeding. Luckily for her, she was a ‘useful’ mix of 2 sporting breeds, and has turned out to be an extremely promising search and rescue dog. Who knows what happened to the rest of her litter. Without a job she would be unmanageable. I love her dearly, and she is everything I would want in a dog. But where will I get my next dog? The pound, or a highly recommended breeder working to develop the characteristics I am looking for in a working dog. There’s no way i’d pay somebody the cost (or even more) of a purebred for a concoction of their own overbred, poorly cared for pets. If they were responsible, they would fix their own animals. I don’t care to line the pockets of such a person. Reputable breeders do not breed mixes. Reputable breeders by definition have a reputation to uphold, a reputation for breeding quality. Mixes are not quality, they have no standard and no way of judging conformation or temperament.

  19. libertydogtraining says:

    Actually, for each pet store puppy, back yard breeder dog you buy, thousands more suffer and die daily….THAT is not love!!!

    Purchasing from pet stores and “reputable breeders” (which do NOT breed mixed dogs….) fuel the fire, encourage more and more breeding, which winds up meaning more and more dogs are tossed out, in shelters, gassed, shot, starved, drowned…not all are humanely euthanized.

    Do you know where “pet store puppies” come from? Even some of the “reputable breeders” you are referring too fall into this category: Puppy Mills.

    Go here to see WHY people like me have a hard time with mutt “breeders” and pet store puppies…

    If you want a “mixed breed,” rescue one that needs a home from a shelter. Or even the street, where I picked up one of the five rescued dogs at my home….

    Spending hundreds of dollars on a “mixed” breed with no vet checks (most “breeders” vaccinate their own puppies) from parents with no health checks, champion bloodlines, temperment testing, etc means you are going to bring home a dog that you will later have emotional, behavioral, and even physical problems with.

    Then…you will dump this dog that you “love” in a shelter or pawn it off on some unsuspecting “diddly-poo” wannabe owner, who will most likely breed the mutt, producing more unsound, non health tested, more than likely will be unwanted puppies….

    And mixed breeds are not a “breed” unless you want to call them a Heinz 57. I have a chow/pit/lab/basset/daschund/rhodesian ridgeback based on vet, vet tech, and shelter “expert opinion.” What breed would this be?? A Rhoplabbasschowhund?

    I don’t mean to sound harsh. But if you want answers, go to a shelter. Talk to a “breed rescue.” Research puppy mills….visit these places and look into the eyes of every puppy and dog that will DIE if you support “mixed breed” ” back yard breeding,” or “pet store puppy buying.”

    Search for your poochie-poo here and really make a difference in the lives of thousands of dogs by rescuing and spaying/neutering…Because even if YOUR dog has one litter, by the time that litter, and subsequent litters, reproduce, you will have added thousands of puppies/dogs to death row….

  20. sharkinfestedh2o says:

    Pure breed dogs often suffer from inbreeding – after all that is how they can get the same traits in every litter. Mixed breeds and mutts make great dogs! If anyone gives you grief over having a mutt they are just being a snob.

    What’s with all the negatives? You don’t like the fact that breeds are DEVELOPED by inbreeding??

    Oh, and let me point out the obvious: You are NOT mixing genetics by breeding different dog breeds to one another. Dogs are ALL the same species!!

  21. Ch.OTCHMissGingerUDX30-VCD4 says:

    I will tell you why it furiates me.
    Designer dog breeders take two dogs and purposely mate them in order to create a new dog with a cutesy name. However, these same mutts can be found in the shelters every day!

    Doodles are NOT hypoallergenic. All dogs have dander, therefore, all dogs shed, even if it is just a little bit.

    Designer dog breeders tell their customers that their dogs ARE hypoallergenic.

    No breeder who purposely breeds mutts for profit is ever going to be reputable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you buy one of their puppies, you are basically telling them, “Oh please, continue what you are doing…creating more mutts that will end up in shelters. Please continue lying and being greedy.”

    Doodles sell for about $ 2000!! That is outrageous, considering this dog can have mulitple genetic disorders.

    Reputable breeders know about what disorders a certain breed may have, and they work to fight it off with every litter. But when you mix a poodle and a lab, you are mixing genetics and therefore, genetic diseases!!!!

    American freedom has turned in to greed. Just because people can do whatever they want SHOULD NOT mean they can create more lives that will soon meet a terrible fate.

    I have seen Labradoodles, and I think they look terrible. Their coats get mangled, they get dirty so easily, and they are HUGE!
    A lab can weight up to 100 pounds, healthy, and a poodle can weight up to 80 pounds, healthy. Mix those two, and the puppies will be anywhere from 75-120!! pounds, in all colors, shapes, and coat textures!!

    You will probably do as you please, but you should know that you who buy these dogs are just as bad as the people who produce them. You are NOT helping our dog over-population crises at all.

    I am finished here.

  22. italianone70 says:

    because both dogs families will resent them

  23. EМ♥♥JAY says:

    I applaud you for not being a breed snob. Too many beautiful animals are overlooked because some “people” would rather have a pure bred. Mixed breed dogs are great pets and have more unconditional love inside them. I whole heartily believe in rescuing beautiful animals from shelters.

  24. tharnpfeffa says:

    I would never purchase an animal from a breeder. You can find the kind of dog you want in pounds, shelters and rescue groups. There are so many animals that need loving homes; so many die needlessly every year. It sickens me that some people just don’t get it. Sorry!!

  25. Miriam D says:

    There are number of reasons.

    First of all, I don’t dislike mixed breeds. I’ve owned them myself, lots of them are cute and make great pets. What I object to is lining the pockets of people who are deliberately or carelessly breeding them.

    Reputable breeders do not breed mixes. Period. Reputable breeders are doing their best to create high-quality, healthy, temperamentally sound representatives of a specific breed. They carefully select the dogs that will be bred, plan well in advance, will refuse to sell if they don’t feel the home is correct for their breed. They’ve studied their breed, they know the ins and outs of it and it’s idiosyncracies so that they can advise buyers so that the pup has the best start in life. They only breed if they feel that they can improve and contribute to their beloved breed.

    Sure, there are people who breed purebreds for the wrong reasons too, but we don’t recommend buying from them either.

    There is NO reason to deliberately breed mixes (or mediocre quality purebreds). There are thousands of perfectly good mixed breed dogs in shelters needing homes. Some of them are puppies. Go rescue one of them and save a life. By purchasing from a pet shop or unethical/backyard breeder, you are simply encouraging them to produce more.

  26. st.lady says:

    No reputable breeder would contaminate the bloodline by mixing it.

  27. sandbaby327 says:

    Ive had both pure bred and mixed. Love them all. The next time someone looks down their nose at you wanting, or getting a mixed breed….ask them if THEY are a “pure bred”. As for a reputable breeder? The dog is only considered a breed if recognized by the kennel clubs.

  28. Shadow's Melon says:

    I am not in any way against mixed breed dogs. I’ve had my share of them over the years and they have been wonderful. What I AM against, is people who deliberately mix these cross breeds, call them a designer dog, and charge huge amounts for them. And people are dumb enuf to actually buy them at these prices, too. You can usually find the same thing in a rescue or pound and save a ton of money AND save a life.

    A reputable breeder DOES NOT breed mixed dogs. Any one who does and claims to be reputable is a liar and strictly doing it for the cash from the dumb people who think it’s worth spending that kind of money.

    I will have mixed breeds in my home, but only from a shelter or rescue group. I would never pay the cost of a pure breed dog and only get a mixed breed mutt.

  29. CherryLove says:

    Way to tell em!!!

    First off, it is your choice to buy what you want. Everyone else does. Second, I have seen shelters that were not too great either. Plus, at least with a good breeder you can go and see their facilty and ask questions about how they care for their pets. Most of them keep the puppies in the house and help potential buyers with the beginning housetraining.

    Shelters often don’t really play or interact with the animals leaving them in those tight spaces (usually more than one animal per cage) without any room to run and play. And then the dogs hear barking and whinning all day long because they want to get out. Sometimes the dogs don’t even have a good social personality and people end up giving them back to the shelter because the dog isn’t what they thought it would be. This happens everyday from what I was told by someone who used to work in a shelter. Just check out who you buy a pet from no matter where it is. Every place isn’t bad just because it’s not a shelter. But, even a pet store has people that will come and ask to play with the puppies daily so don’t worry.

    Before I bought my dog I tried sites like and going to shelters but I never saw any of the cute doggies or mixes that people swear up and down was out there. Plus, there are just certain types of dogs that I like. And I have that right to choose. But then again, that’s my opinion.

    People with the nasty comments should be more inclined to buy a dog that is being mistreated (even if it is mixed and from a breeder) and then report who is doing it than just complaining about a poor defenseless animal that didn’t ask to be here and throwing their opinions on others!

    Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of GREAT shelters out there and most people I know with a mixed breed absolutely love them! I say get what breed mix you want because it’s what you like and everyone buys things that they like no matter what others may think or say!

  30. Enriqueta605 says:

    From the choice of 2 evils, We pick the one I’ve under no circumstances tried previous to.

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