How can optimisation search engine be achieved?

Question by : How can optimisation search engine be achieved?
I have a problem: Some of my websites rank really high, but those are not my revenue generating sites. I have been unable to replicate the same results across all my sites. Does anyone know of a surefire way to achieve maximum optimisation for search engine? Whether paid or not, as long as it has been proven to work, repeatedly

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Answer by Caesar
Hiya, I had that problem previously, because I had some affiliate sites that were costing me a fortune on Google Adwords, but not ranking highly on Google Organic Search. Until I happened across this Internet Gurus website, Mark Ling ( ) detailing his tricks for getting massive organic traffic, which is free. I tried it, and all my sites have never looked back since. I just now only run Google Adwords for new products. It might work for you too.

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