How can I better optimize my website for more traffic?

Question by Sam: How can I better optimize my website for more traffic?
I am a beginner but have learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO). We have worked on Google AdWord campaigns, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and used Google Analytics. We used a broad search as well as an industry specialized search, which has obviously been more cost effective.

I have recently submitted our company and link to multiple industry directories with higher PageRank than ours. I have used free keyword tools found in AdWords, Analytics, and Search Marketing, respectively, as well as the free tool on wordtracker.

Also, we have recently created static pages to our web site for added content. Hopefully our recent steps (directory submission, upping our bids in PPC programs, and creating content based pages) will work.

Can anyone help on ways to direct more traffic to our site? Help us maximize our ROI? We usa a dynaminc web site but want to raise our PageRank and site visits.

Thank you,

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Answer by John L
You are obviously fairly experienced in SEO
and you need probably to move on to a
higher step.

This new tool SpeedPPC could be the answer
for you.

Instead of bidding for competitive searches,
this tool lets you bid for hundreds or thousands
of low-competition phrases.

Not only that, it helps you build targeted Adwords
Ads automatically. It helps you build hundreds
of Adgroups automatically AND it uses a method to
build highly targeted landing pages automatically.

With all that automation, you can go for thousands
of keywords that are low-search volume and therefore
low cost per click.

People who get this tool will be in at the very
beginning of the “Long Tail Pay Per Click” revolution.

It hasn’t been possible to make relevant ads
for low-volume searches and make relevant landing
pages. In the past, you’d bid on low-competition
phrases and send the traffic to a non-optimized landing
page. Then Google would SLAP you for non-relevance.

Now, with highly relevant ads, Adgroups and landing
pages made automatically, the whole system works.

The tool is by Jay Stockwell, who works with Allan Gardyne

SpeedPPC has NO monthly fees. So you get it
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6 Responses to “How can I better optimize my website for more traffic?”

  1. rover says:

    Make web site for people. Not for search engines.
    Write more content about your products. Search engines don’t look for Images only, they check wether you have good content to recomend your web to their searchers.
    Well you must go for a professionl person.
    (Because, I don’t see any robot file, you say that you know about SEO)
    You have 7 links, but do they worth?
    When you do web site for people search engines will come to your web automatically. For some free SEO information visit this web.

  2. hellotman16 says:

    Rover, you’re a retard.

    1. You didn’t tell him to try anything that he hasn’t already…
    2. You use an insulting tone.
    3. Your website looks like crap, and isn’t in the top 100 google results for “SEO”.

    Personally, Sam I think you are best sticking to what you are doing. Add more content, stick with the ad campaigns. It takes time to move up in the rankings. From what I can tell, your content looks good, just add more searchable (text) content instead of so many pictures.

  3. rpbart says:

    I would agree with the previous post. Make your site for people not search engines.

    A few SEO tips.
    A unique title tag on each page would be a plus
    Don’t worry too much about your page rank. What your are after is improved rankings in the search engine results.
    What keywords are you targeting? My suggestion — if you are having success with PPC then see which keywords are bringing you the most sales and then begin to optimize your site for those terms.
    You should consider adding even more content to your site this will reduce code bloat. Optimal # to shoot for here is 20% of the info in your source to be code and the rest content.

    Another thought…begin to optimize your site for the specific products that you offer. So that way when I go to Google and search for a specific power adapter your site will show. The way to do that is content and editing some of the other on page SEO factors like a title tag.

    We’ve got some SEO tips that we deliver out each day. You can subscribe on our site

    Hope that helps!

  4. David says:

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  5. Uriah G says:

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  6. Shanel276 says:

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