How bad is the SEO on this Page? Can you recommend pointers?

Question by R: How bad is the SEO on this Page? Can you recommend pointers?
I keep telling my partner we need to change the way things are on our website but he doesn’t understand so I’m trying to gather supporting evidence.

Here’s a link to our page that we’d like to show up in google searches when people search for workout routines or something similar.

Can you first say whether the page is well SEOd or not and then give some simple suggestions on better SEO?

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Answer by It’s me!!
these are your search terms,

fitness, exercises, fitness exercises, workouts, routines, fat loss exercise, gain weight exercise, weight lifting exercises

I did not see those terms on the page. That means your keywords are not relative to the site. Also, where is the description?? Get rid of all those outbound links on the bottom of the page. If you want a page about muscle mass, name the page muscle mass, and have text that only pertains to what you are talking about. Also on that page use only keywords that can be found in that page. Every page in your site should have different keywords pertaining to the content of each. The SEO is non existant as far as google and I am concerned. You have no page rank. Read up on it a bit and start again. I like the simplicity of the design however. it is nice to look at.

Also, you Homepage has a description but no keywords. Google does know you exist, but will not rank your site. That is not good.

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  1. Dani Marie says:

    You are on the right track in recognizing the need to optimize your site. Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process. There are lots of ways to promote your site and gain more traffic.

    Here are some ideas:

    1. Add your business to online directories (with a link to your website).
    2. Update your site content on a monthly basis.
    3. Make sure to use your “keywords” in the text of your website.
    4. Make certain to mention your company name numerous times within the text of your site.
    5. Create a blog or profile on a social network.

    I hope these ideas help.

    —Dani Marie– ( )
    San Diego, CA

  2. TopSavings.Net says:

    I will tell you one thing, very simply and quickly. A crucial part of optimization most overlooked is the appearance of the site altogether. I would like to see more visually appealing graphics in the design. Fixing some front page issues can actually make a big difference in helping create a buzz around your site. I think I understand the concept so it is very interesting.

    On site optimization will be of your first concern but from there on out you will want to focus on promoting your company on more levels than just a search engine ranking. I see you have started your social sites up for your site so that is a plus.

    I am not saying to dodge the search engines at all. I would suggest some on site optimization along with a good PR + linking campaign. Much luck!

  3. CezJ says:

    I can say it’s okay but need some improvements. Here are my suggestions:

    - work out your graphic design and add some pictures that can catch the viewers attention and interest.
    - use keyword liberally on your site as long as they are relevant to your site’s contents and topics. this will help drive traffic to your site.
    - to drive more traffic, you can do the social bookmarking at social marker website.

  4. fff says:

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