[HD] – SNSD – Cabi Song FEAT 2PM (21 May, 2010)

Hot hot hot hot !

25 Responses to “[HD] – SNSD – Cabi Song FEAT 2PM (21 May, 2010)”

  1. M3yC3sD1m says:

    can someone make this into drama???

  2. bubblymango1 says:

    please watch my kpop dance covers :D

  3. TheAndalans says:

    I love the girls……F*ck the boysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…

  4. onewdubu1 says:

    OMO! seohyun yeppeo

  5. NoNameLadies says:

    Taec is sooo hot!!!

  6. KaisenSengen says:

    sorry to disappoint you Yuri but Khun belongs to Victoria xD And.. SeoHyun to Yonghwa! :P Whatever, love this Mv. The story is awesome, kinda drama like, didnt want it to end !

  7. googlegenerationgirl says:

    @1:10 the water thing is terrifying but soooo fun :)

  8. csnation says:

    @CHACE218 Seo Nyuh Shi Dae in Konglish.
    Basically Girl’s Generation.

  9. CHACE218 says:

    @csnation what does SNSD mean..???

  10. banditteo says:


  11. csnation says:

    @CHACE218 Dude they are SNSD. They are definitely hot ;)

  12. CHACE218 says:

    fuck!!!these girls are so fine…

  13. briagonvin says:

    wohoooo..seohyun looks so hot in this vid..

    Oh Cabi Cai deo Hottest Hottest
    Oh Cabi Cabi in Crazy Crazy
    Oh Cabi Cabi Oh Cabi Cabi
    Isungan urin modu da crazy summer time..

  14. myrarawk says:

    hottes clip!

  15. csnation says:

    Guy or Girl on my left hand side ?

    Guy = Nickhun
    Girl = Yuri

  16. avrilrules77 says:

    At 1:00, on the left, who is that?

  17. saya566666 says:

    so hot do!!!
    i luv u snsd!!!
    yuri!! <3

  18. Tampanda says:

    LOL, This music video makes me feel like a fat troll. It also makes me want to be a hot asian dude.

  19. MidnightV1993 says:


  20. myvanvu says:

    yah too hot :”>
    I really like this vid

  21. Muh8mm8d72 says:

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