*HD* Secret Love Korean Movie 8/12 (2010) (Eng Sub)

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS GOES TO IT’S OWNER(S). Thank you to those who provided the subtitles for the movies. If it weren’t for you, alot of fans wouldnt be able to understand it like me. ^_^
Video Rating: 4 / 5

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION: I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS GOES TO IT’S OWNER(S). Thank you to those who provided the subtitles for the movies. If it weren’t for you, alot of fans wouldnt be able to understand it like me. ^_^

53 Responses to “*HD* Secret Love Korean Movie 8/12 (2010) (Eng Sub)”

  1. YesungIsAmazing says:

    OMG i wanted his phone and be threw it in the bin, i could of had that lol.

  2. channel2forever says:

    @cleverheadify that’s the first one that came up to my mind.. very nice and well executed!!

  3. poordivata says:


    Very beautiful aria :)

  4. gak2008 says:

    @poordivata I was wondering the same thing. The opera song that’s played while the two are in bed is great. Wish I knew the name.

  5. diamar10 says:

    Que poca maaa……..nera, le pide a Jin-Ho no jugar mas el intercambiar los roles, pero bien que lo hace para que Yeon-Yi caiga en la trampa.

  6. adlemsaranghae says:

    @cleverheadify thanks:)

  7. cleverheadify says:

    @adlemsaranghae just look for this link ( vietsub secrect love CD1 KST chunk 4) here.,, enjoy…

  8. adlemsaranghae says:

    @cleverheadify where did you watched it?

  9. cleverheadify says:

    damn that part 6 looks real,,,… so real.. is it really them????haha

  10. seproast says:

    Part 6 and 10 are gone because of the love scenes.

  11. croosita17 says:


  12. dangcdeedee says:

    Ok now its getting creepy,why would Jin-Woo want the same hair style as his brother Jin-Ho..Dang Jin-Woo is trying to look like his brother Jin-Ho. I’m sure in the end one of the brother is gonna end up dead.

  13. hanchii214 says:

    wow, the woman looks like f(x) krystal. doesn’t she?

  14. TokyoDogz says:

    @BabyGatchh Its the same person

  15. BabyGatchh says:

    are they twins in real life or is it just one character doing 2 roles in this movie ?

  16. poordivata says:

    Such rgreat classical soundtrack, can u tell me the song ?

  17. henyix says:

    Omg!!! waaaa~~~ his own brother!!! Waaaa~~~ i mean the older one.. waaa~~ napeum nom!!!! feel sorry for them.. ><… all is about lie’s… aigooooo..

  18. 13beyondELF says:

    @fullofburger123 it is the same person

  19. krr55gunso says:

    @fullofburger123 um… i dont think so i guess

  20. azureminded1 says:

    wow he’s going to pretend to be his bro to bang his wife hunh

  21. samuel381 says:

    Man I feel sry for the brother tht his own twin bro iz doin tht 2 him

  22. dimon514 says:

    i think this movie is a horror movie. i think he will kill both of them with his stick!!! O.o…..when the brothers were talking i swear he was about to pick it up. but i still feel sorry for him….he seems like he was always the shy and naive one…and the younger one was the player…like with the hiking girl…always flirts.

  23. maryamubarak says:

    did i miss something….?

  24. KibahinaxSasuino says:

    I forgot about that…

  25. thehihi96 says:

    that eau de toilet on the plank smells great!!!

  26. MzLoathsome says:

    well her reaction was reasonable, the other woman made him move so she was like what is missing from her that she doesnt have the same effect. poor woman. but dont worry you have the other sexy brother Lol tehe

  27. sammysunshineXD says:

    Is the actor playing the brother and the twin brother, the same? Haha stupid question. But anyway, they look a little different, for me. As i see it, the twin brother who came from canada looks more handsome than the coma one. So…

  28. elcachorro1900 says:

    lol *twich*

  29. jdmitaine says:

    movie stops/blocks at 6:22….

  30. holow says:

    @Mamvri I wouldnt know but my penis sure would still be hard

  31. Mamvri says:

    @holow pointless you wouldn’t know …

  32. ms13Fatz says:

    aww..so sad! she married a wrong man.. she married the twin brother of the man she love.. aww,, so sad! that guy is really handsome

  33. farahazila says:

    That guy just like Onew from Shinee, when he smile awww

  34. holow says:

    shit I wish i was the guy in a coma

  35. holow says:

    @foxtich16 alrite yeah =)

  36. Lmfao97438 says:

    in the wedding video the wedding ring didnt fit her husband jinwoo and they say if the ring doesnt fit your finger you werent meant to be with each other but when jinho got curious and tried on the wedding ring it fit him perfectly..

  37. purpleelephants67 says:

    that would been a fight right there… and im changing his diaper…. c’mon son… she woulda got it … smh

  38. FINalFANTAsyKIDDO says:

    Awwww snap. Mistaken identity…. she ended up with the wrong twin :l

  39. foxtich16 says:

    weeeeh shes raping his husband………..in a coma condition

  40. medinan127 says:

    loved the other womans shoes

  41. elizarock69 says:

    damn she is worse than a pedophile freaking raping a man in a coma on the one hand im enjoying the lack of prudeness that always comes from korean movies and dramas.

  42. tychul says:


  43. yulaw3 says:

    this scene gave me a boner lol

  44. TokyoDogz says:

    euw she is kissing him and stuff cuz shes hopin for a reaction, cuz when the other woman kissed him.. his feet moved.. ya digg

  45. 88SHONA88 says:

    as much as it is an awkward scene, while she is on top of her husband and his brother is watching…as much as it is soo emotional…..poor lady she just misses him :(

  46. BabyGatchh says:

    This is why I don’t like having a twin sister, this could happen to me!

  47. laifshadia says:

    omg she was lickinh his nipple LOL

  48. henyix says:

    @2florecita , no vale , no lo quiere… solo que cuando la otra mujer le dio el beso el tipo movio el dedito gordito del pies y a lo mejor ella penso que si le hacia esas cositas >< el podria empezar a reaccionar ^^

  49. 2florecita says:


  50. SuperLisa78 says:

    Ma Quanto puoi essere bello figlio mio! Ascolta cara Yeon-Yi tuo marito √® in coma ma io, al tuo posto prima di morire insieme a lui una possibilit√† al fratello gemello glie la darei proprio…e non solo quella! AHAHAHAHH!!!

  51. Caine59 says:

    Any paper is really a distributed collection with high hypertension.

  52. Roseline334 says:

    Seems like another person’s property needs to be searched.

  53. Kadeja1140 says:

    What planet are you on … how about a little reality with your posts,