Having an online business?

Question by : Having an online business?
I would really like my own online business. My boyfriend is a director for a very large company who make websites for some very big names worldwide so I could have a ¬£50,000 + website made for free plus all the marketing and search engine optimisation for free. Only thing is I don’t know what to sell but if the product is good and marketed well could it go wrong?? I feel like if I don’t do it I’m wasting an opportunity.

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Answer by Henry
. You need to think about something you like to do, complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis and write a business plan to prove that the business idea is viable. Go to http://sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/plan/writeabusinessplan/index.html or http://www.score.org/template_gallery.html for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

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  1. Tom S says:

    With the resources at your disposal, you must be so lucky. Having a very good website as well as optimization service are ingredients for online success. Research online for best-selling products which you can sell. And always go for the right domain name.

    Good luck to your online venture.

  2. david says:

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  3. Karlaling89 says:

    Many people say they want an online business, or a business on the Internet. They think this will provide them such things as freedom, security, and riches. While this may be true, if you’re laboring under the delusion that having said online business will be the least bit simple or “easy”, you need to stop. You see, having an online business is still having a business, and having a business means that there will be effort involved, at least if you’re going to achieve any level of success.

    There are a lot of weasels scurrying around making all kinds of claims about online businesses and making money on the Internet. Most of these weasels are out to do one simple thing…take your money. They have no interest in helping you or actually seeing you be successful, they simply want your money. The biggest thing they prey on is lack of knowledge. When you don’t educate yourself, you will end up losing money, it’s as simple as that.

    Having an “online” business is no different that having any other business. The only difference is the place where the business is conducted. Rather than having a “store”, you have a virtual store. You have a “store” that people access online or from the Internet. That’s it! That’s the difference. And what do you need, no matter what type of business you have?

    That’s right. Customers! Whether you have an online business or traditional business, you need customers, and this is where education comes in. You must educate yourself about how your going to get traffic to your online business, because traffic is where customers come from. And education is important, because the subjects of “traffic” and “generating traffic” are where weasels live. And remember, weasels want to take your money!

    The 2 most important aspects of having an online business are generating traffic and educating yourself about not only traffic generation, but also online business itself. Remember, without traffic, not much else matters, and question anything that says generating traffic is simple or easy. As with most things in life, generating traffic takes one or both of two things: Effort and Money. Anyone who makes claims to the contrary is lying to you, and more than likely trying to take your money!

  4. Common Sense Marketing says:

    Start with information products.

  5. ashish says:

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  6. Nitya751 says:

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  7. Iliana63 says:

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  9. Sarah1795 says:

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