Google Places Unleashed: any un-biased reviews?

Question by Bill B: Google Places Unleashed: any un-biased reviews?
I am in the process of advertising my business on Google Places. When I search for similar businesses in my town I end up wading through the Google Place pages of businesses located 50 or 75 miles away!

There are a number of tutorials, but most of them list the same 3 or 4 pieces of advice (which I fully intend to follow). I am trying to find a comprehensive overview of Google Places: an article that describes how the search engine rankings are determined and what steps a Place owner can take to have local patrons actually see their local Place listing, rather than the listings of Places 50 miles away. I am very frustrated at this point: one can easily find comprehensive tutorials online about getting a web site ranked high in search results (tutorials posted by helpful souls free of charge), but searching for the same info about Google Places results in endless pages about this “Google Places Unleashed” marketing material (a series of video and other tutorials).

If you follow the links to the “Google Places Unleashed” home page, it reads like pretty much any other scam: “make hundreds of dollars for a few minutes of work from home”, etc, etc. But for all my searching I cannot find a single fact about the material at all. Every page reads exactly like every other and I suspect it’s all written by the same individual. I am pretty sure it’s a scam, but I would welcome any links to unique reviews about it. I would also welcome any links to some online tutorials about Google Places.

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Answer by Princess
The best thing for you to do is go to youtube and type n the main question I.E. “google Places”, you may get lucky and find that many people have already gone thru what you are now experiencing have make video on the subject.
you can also try this page for other resources and advice

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