Google I/O 2011: Mobile Web Development: From Zero to Hero

Michael Mahemoff, Paul Kinlan Explosive growth in the mobile web is set to continue. Don’t leave yourself behind. Writing a new app in every native environment is not always possible, and HTML5 is a way to reuse the bulk of your code across all major platforms. We will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing web app that works on many devices.
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  1. vincecreek says:

    Thank you for this Great Information Google.

  2. shezie125 says:

    Very informative, thanks

  3. chanceryford says:

    Nice Video! keep us posted.

  4. WebDevelopmentTuts says:

    nice clean video, helped a lot!

  5. WebDevelopmentTuts says:

    nice clean video, helped lot!

  6. oneiamfor says:

    @mrtitans0809 – git.noob

  7. ciroheiffig says:

    muito Instrutivo. Obrigado!

  8. siegemos says:

    I see the scrolling is STILL jerky.

  9. mrtitans0809 says:

    Why the hell are they using a mac?!!!

  10. vimmy2492 says:

    Hahaha, I don’t have a mobile phone, but I own a Xoom and make Android apps.

  11. rodgostew says:

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