Google Adwords Booted Out For YouTube, Google Base & News While researching Christmas shopping trends this season I ran across some Google search results that dramatically impact Google AdWords advertisers. If you do online marketing with PPC (pay per click) advertising You NEED to see this. Is it the future of Google? Tags: google, google adwords, ppc, pay per click, online advertising, internet marketing, seo, search engine optimization, adwords, universal search, onebox, one box
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9 Responses to “Google Adwords Booted Out For YouTube, Google Base & News”

  1. quickregister says:

    Adwords is constantly changing. I get my campaigns slapped all the time. Google is as cryptic as ever. Have you mastered Adwords?

  2. brdnwi says:

    That does suck at first glance, but with Adwords at the bottom, does it make your clicks more relevant? You may not get as many clicks, but someone who clicks your ad probably really wanted to. youtube videos shouldn’t be coming up though. leave that to you youtube. we go to youtube for videos, not google.

  3. bcliberman says:

    lol, the youtube videos are related to the search.

  4. stylegoddess says:

    Nice video. Thanks for the info. It’s lookin pretty scary.

  5. Rhema822 says:

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  6. Bill1144 says:

    I hate unrealistic steps of cash.

  7. Aleks2185 says:

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  8. Kelli1388 says:

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  9. Brice1493 says:

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