Good search engine optimization tools?

Question by : Good search engine optimization tools?
I have a new blog and in Webmaster Tools it’s site map all pages are indexed but i dont see my blog in google search with my blog url. And another problem is my another blog which is one year old is ok in google with all it’s posts but but the problem is that it is not bringing any traffic from yahoo though yahoo indexed some of my posts and in
Live search it did not indexed even my home page. Please tell me what i could do now. Should i use Active WebTraffic or Internet Business Promoter (IBP) like tools. Which one is best Active WebTraffic or IBP. Please give me some solution.

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Answer by Jaques O
The tools on this site might help you with suggestions, to improve your rankings…

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7 Responses to “Good search engine optimization tools?”

  1. Andrew says:

    You should check out wealthy affiliate it has all the tools you need to get more traffic and make your blog successful check it out

    Also check out these articles on getting traffic to your site

  2. mr.kriangsak c says:

    You can get backlinks with submission to 350 directories for Free!

  3. Kosio S says:

    I use this tool – . Very useful and helpful for SEO with video showing you exactly how to use the tools.

  4. Stoqn says:

    Yes Kosio S is right, 20 SEO secrets is great tool and guide.

  5. vinoth kumar m says:

    use keywords which has maximum number of searches and minimum number of traffic, surely you will get traffic from google..

  6. amisuggests says:

    The problem is not indexing. That’s only the first step.
    What you need is higher position in the SERPs. You don’t need any tools to do this. Just optimize your content and get backlinks to your blog. Lots of backlinks

  7. Misaki1478 says:

    And second I must say that we will post on my small Twitter profile