Getting users/visitors for my website?

Question by Julie H: Getting users/visitors for my website?
I am about to launch my new website in 4 days and I was wondering what are the most effective ways to get users/visitors without spending marketing dollars?

Things I have on my list:

1- SEO (search engine optimization): Title, Meta tags, descriptions
2- button to share it on other websites
3- “How my website works” on youtube plus keywords there.

What are other ways to quickly get visitors?

Also in terms of selling banner ads on my website, how many visitors do I need to get in order to do this? Even if I get enough how do I have to approach companies to advertise on my website. Lets say I want to put only 1 banner on my website for advertising (exclusive), how do I have to negotiate the price for this? Is it based on the number of users ?

Thanks very much.

Best answer:

Answer by Exceptional Escapades
Try Traffic Swarm, it will get lots of free traffic to your site.

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  1. mark747 says:

    These are free;
    Here are a few sites to help you: (they are still allowing me to submit sites for free with this)- the affiliate program is free
    These cost money, but they are good, and your money goes a long way: -as an affiliate, you can get your Website or ad on the first page of all major search engines for life,giving away this free, brandable software
    Here is a good reference site that ranks all sites on the web by traffic volume: