Filming Tips For Online Video The importance of online video. How to create professional video. Filming tips. Video tips for SEO.

29 Responses to “Filming Tips For Online Video”

  1. MaxCloud91 says:

    Thank you for your tips!

  2. Wolfie9X9 says:

    Would be better if examples were given.

  3. kristiant007 says:

    good points but I have to tell you. watching this was hard because you were changing your position around so much it became a distraction after about 1/4 of the way in. just a little tip

  4. jasonwilton42 says:

    Tip @ 3:48 – When prompted to ‘Enter Text Here’… Enter the text there.

  5. guerrillafilmmaking says:

    Check out my videos

  6. rikvdoorn says:

    Using a 1080p camcorder also helps to improve the quality of the video.

  7. AREM16137 says:

    Good tips…. The jump cuts are VERY VERY VERY annoying after being used for 5 minutes straight. Thank you for the tips… Just a little hint

  8. robwhitesays says:

    This is good advice. However, all of these rules should be broken at some point in your filmmaking career. It depends on what style of video or film you are making. Labeling Media, however is a rule that should NEVER be broken. I hate searching for media that is unnamed or named different things for the on-line and off-line versions… reconnecting media can become a nightmare! Love the advice guys, keep it up!

  9. CircleofShit says:

    Your full of shit, the whole Pusher trilogy was hand held, followed an actor around and was fucking brilliant. I say, fuck what this guy is saying and shoot how you like. Don’t be like every other clone in the industry.

  10. DetroitUrbex says:

    @tahoelongboarder AMEN…I was going to say the EXACT same thing.

  11. DutchDansing says:

    thank you very much!

  12. guitarb0y223 says:

    thanks for the tips very usefull

  13. guitarb0y223 says:

    thanks for the tips very usefull

  14. ihanquart says:

    Thanks for this valuable tips!

  15. tahoelongboarder says:

    Great tips but heres one for you jumping from 3 or 4 different angles sporadically causes eye strain and creates discomfort in your viewers.

  16. geir44 says:

    I learned something important here (minimal zoom)


  17. afiolmahon1 says:

    nice tips thanks

  18. 4mular says:

    cool tips man!

  19. michael7a11 says:

    This clip itself would have been more interesting to watch if the subject [you] had side shots, both to your left and right, to mix it up a bit more, instead of just using front shots. You’re talking on a high level about creativity, yet your not being creative enough to make this topic more intriguing, and less boring, to captivate your audience.

  20. JohansPlanet says:

    i will bed that he is better than u!? btw thanx 4 the good tipsXD

  21. Ikillednervous says:

    its funny because this video isn’t very good.

  22. mckemckenzie says:

    wow. that’s great. Thank you!

  23. JackMcGuitar says:

    Thanks. I think I used most of those aleady but still very helpful.

  24. honitsten says:

    Good tips thanks.

  25. MattMiller9893 says:

    i use all of those tips in my movies. but there are some tips that you should have added that you use once its on youtube.

    1. Dont name your video in all upper case or all lower case

    2. When your wrighting tags for your video dont put random stuff.

    and thats all i can think of. now i have a tripod so its more stedy but because i filmed by hand so long i can film pretty still too.

  26. Namrita1261 says:

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  27. Chloe807 says:

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  28. Jaidev716 says:

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  29. Tess2003 says:

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