[Fanmade] For First Time Lovers (Banmal Song) MV – CNBLUE YongHwa

♥ love. Goguma rocks !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 Responses to “[Fanmade] For First Time Lovers (Banmal Song) MV – CNBLUE YongHwa”

  1. CassyYuen says:

    @VirgoLoveJa me think so !

  2. VirgoLoveJa says:

    ho that la xung doi day!
    mjnh chuc ho mai mai hanh phuc

  3. CassyYuen says:

    @NhiAngela0101 hú hồn :) )

  4. NhiAngela0101 says:

  5. musicloverhatesyou says:

    @CassyYuen oh.. thanks!

  6. CassyYuen says:

    @musicloverhatesyou those are cuts from a reality show named We Got Married

  7. musicloverhatesyou says:

    what drama or movie is this?

  8. Rano311 says:

    @happy12120925 是平語歌 .

  9. Esellajessica says:

    Gosh, I really miss this couple so much. I hope Seohyun still keeps in touch with Yonghwa away from the cameras. I think they are pretty compatible! I do miss them though!

  10. addmoremilk says:

    @happy12120925 seohyun!! SNSD

  11. CassyYuen says:

    @mymeo1994 uhm ku :”> nhug neu doi~ so view nay lay may tap nua cua Goguma t cug chiu.

  12. mymeo1994 says:

    Êh mày đc n` ng` view gê =))

  13. milicita96 says:

    sabennn esta es mi pareja favorita . . .tiene algo que las demas no tiene , ninguna pareja incluyendo a joongbo
    puessss a mi me gustaba mucho joongbo y aun me gusta pero la pareja yongseo mas admito k la pareja lechuga es super idvertida , esooo NADIE lo niega perooo no c como que les falto un poco de romanticismo , en cambio esta pareja si lo tvo pero medido eso es lo que me gusta ambos son timidos , a pesar d k al inicio estbn incomodos supieron acercarse lentamente ♥ ♥ Pareja Bobuma

  14. MegaZerofox says:

    @CassyYuen what’s the episode at 3:22?

  15. SNSDx2PM says:

    Longlast, the goguma couple!
    Even though the show will be over soon,
    we believe that their love will last forever! :D

  16. an50408 says:


  17. chikiyang says:

    What tv show is this?!..i think their really cute together! <3

  18. Hubrysticalzero says:

    too damn cute

  19. kc104052 says:


  20. cute11597 says:

    @syikka I thought that was Taeyeon….

  21. tamayday120 says:

    @happy12120925 容和寫給徐賢的歌啊

  22. CassyYuen says:

    @happy12120925 For First Time Lover . thats the name of the song.. and sorry i dun speak Chinese lol

  23. happy12120925 says:


  24. arielpham says:

    they have to be together !!! too cuteee !!!

  25. CassyYuen says:

    @TheKPOPEditor i envy of both of them ;__;

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  29. Tayibah2030 says:

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