EXCLUSIVE The Housemaid | Trailer #1 Cannes 2010 IN COMPETITION Sangsoo Im

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2010 – IN COMPETITION clip from The Housemaid – Hanyo – Ha-nyeo Genre: Regie / directed by: Sang-soo Im Darsteller / cast: Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-Jae Lee, Seo Woo, Yuh-jung Youn Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Festival de Cannes Press Office used with authorization

12 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE The Housemaid | Trailer #1 Cannes 2010 IN COMPETITION Sangsoo Im”

  1. warONjoypiter says:

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  2. 720ak says:

    this movie is one of the worst Hollywood movie i have ever watch totally senseless and stupid, and its ending suck even more
    if a normal person who has some standard, watch’s it will regret it and will agree to what i said

  3. TereDiaz28 says:

    Esta pendiente de verla

  4. vishisaussie says:



  5. jkevinAH says:

    wah.loved this

  6. santosdawadi says:

    huhuh where the hell i can watch full movie???
    i can’t find full movie with english subtitle
    help me out on it and sent me the link if anyone of u know it.

  7. 4f7u6c1k says:

    This looks crap.

    Step it up crazy charlies.

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