Effective Techniques Of Social Media Optimization?

Question by : Effective Techniques Of Social Media Optimization?
As far as social media optimization or social media marketing services are concerned, which way would be better and effective for you than SEO or search engine optimization. If discuss it elaborately, then facebook commenting, blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, twitter and a number of other social media marketing services are available in the way of social media optimization. Which techniques you are using more ?

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Answer by bijen
I think facebook and youtube are best

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5 Responses to “Effective Techniques Of Social Media Optimization?”

  1. Peter Jackson says:

    I use social networking sites / web 2.0 sites. They are very effective.

  2. megaboobaa says:

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  3. Umesh T says:

    facebook page, twitter with regular updates, taking part into discussions, forum posting works good.

  4. Love Twitter says:

    There are three major social media sites you can consider to be use for your SEO and generates more traffic to your websites. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These three can able to lure visitors to your websites especially when you have an interesting content that you post to update your web. And also dont forget Youtube.

  5. Heide1554 says:

    Then you employ a great deal of helpful pointers employing thus my spouse and i indulge in take into consideration concerning huge net as well as