Effective Techniques Of Social Media Optimization ………?

Question by Jhon: Effective Techniques Of Social Media Optimization ………?
As far as social media optimization or social media marketing services are concerned, which way would be better and effective for you than SEO or search engine optimization. If discuss it elaborately, then facebook commenting, blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, twitter and a number of other social media marketing services are available in the way of social media optimization. Which techniques you are using more ?

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Answer by Ryker Johnston
To have an effective campaing you should really have a good mix of all of them, the web is dynamic and fast changing what is relevant today might not be in a few months.
Having a healthy mix of campaings will ensure your buisness survives if one or more of the other methods fail.

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  1. Garrett Moon says:

    Generally for SEO and Social Media, blogging is huge. This way you are creating powerful SEO content. If you are just looking to build page rank and social credibility then commenting on other blogs can be a huge payoff.

    For social networks, Twitter can be very good for SEO if you tweet often. Twitter is well indexed by Google. Facebook is indexed as well, but doesn’t perform as well in my opinion.

  2. Ker Communications says:

    It really depends on what yo are marketing. For just about anything, a good mix of a well crafted message on the website and in social media, combined with good social SEO or SEO 2.0 http://kercommunications.com/complete-web-presence-management/ which is a more up to date, less selfish approach to getting links, traffic, friends, fans and followers is the way to go.