Does my plan fit along with the topic, Web by Design, Incorporation?

Question by Ladydi: Does my plan fit along with the topic, Web by Design, Incorporation?
I’ve planned to get it revised.
Starting from a continuation through the end of my project.

My proposed services have advantages over those affected by my competitors because it may expand professional Web sites, principles, and economic version. I believe my company will have benefits of selling and buying products online, or anywhere else. My company is a service company.
A. The service will be provided by the interests of consumers and management. I would have about a few people with special and strong sense of business needs and experiences. There are also management services including ecommerce software, web design, and marketing, where customers shop online with their own shopping cart.

A. Target Market:
Erin Wright(Female)
Undergraduate student
Senior of college
Interests: Travel: U.S. and International

Michel Labonte (Male)
Ph. D student
25 years or over
Interests: job inquiries ,expertise requests, reference requests, getting back in touch

Sara Harte (Female)
Graphic Design student
18 years or over
Interests: career opportunities, getting back in touch

COO at SD Angel Productions (Female)
27 years old
Interests: motorcycles, MMA fighting, Football, gymnastics, capoiera, trying new foods and restaurants, traveling, writing, dancing, and walking down the runway in fashion

Students at Bedford High School
Grade levels: 9-12
Interests: special needs

B. Customers’ needs: card purchase, shopping cart online, templates, multimedia, bookmarks
Customers’ wants: part design, templates, professional service

C. Pricing:
Templates: $ 300
Site Maintenance: 5 hours(60$ per hour)
Standard: $ 35 per month
The reason I have chosen those pricing options is because I am willing to make anything cheaper in case of incoming increasing prices during hours. My competitors’ pricing strategy is a little expensive from housing and building items.

D. Distribution: I will sell to customers directly over the Internet. The suppliers, who manage to sell the products online may turn them in to me and I would give the cash back to the sellers. Additionally, I would use a credit or debit card to buy back products. I wish I had my own warehouse, but I will not.

E. Promotion strategy
1. Determining the products
a. expensive or cheap
b. unused items
c. out of items

2. Buying items
a. anything cheaper and better

3. Types of Advertising
a. online ads
b. public search engine ads
c. business ads

4. Positive relationships
a. good services
b. improving needs or wants

C. agreements
* Keeping up with customers’ order
* Keeping up the time

F. E-Business
* My company will have a Web site. People who registered as a member will visit the Web site.
* It will look like personal site with personal business templates. The information of advertisements, instructions, prices, products, and goods will be brought in.
* The site members with the knowledge of selling anything that is already used or
inconvenient may sell products over the Internet.
* I will email the customers by giving specific welcome for my company and have them to check out the items. Then, I will let them know by asking customers to buy products online.

To: Customer
From: Team Management
Subject: Business

Experiences: Radiology, Project manager
Interests: Sales, Marketing, and Accounting
Education: St. Louis University of Medication

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Answer by Leroy Lynch
Looks amazing and I can just tell that you will be a success.

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