Does it pay to advertise on major search engines under local business.?

Question by Dharma: Does it pay to advertise on major search engines under local business.?
I am looking to do some marketing of my handyman business and wonder if it pays to advertise under the local business listings in major search engines like yahoo or google.

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Answer by ☼Head Brainiac☼
Most important are the key words that will drive customers to your site.

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11 Responses to “Does it pay to advertise on major search engines under local business.?”

  1. amandalee1976 says:

    You can try, if its not too expensive, it might be worth it. It will be a write off, so spending the monies shouldnt be your main concern…

    I would just worry that it wouldnt provide you with the business you are looking for…

    Are you advertising in local papers? Signs on your truck? (You can get signs made on magnet sheets, that are easily removed and placed on again.) ALso make up posters and post them on local bulletin boards…

    Good Luck!

  2. csucdartgirl says:

    I don’t think the web is a successful advertising tool. I know what I am here for and ignore all else.

  3. Irish says:

    Not really, unless you have something that is well known before you start. E.G. I am a Blue Cross agent. If I were to advertise, at least I don’t have to explain who and what I am.

  4. Jill B says:

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